How to Become an Endoscopy Technician 

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Endoscopy technicians are a vital part of patient care teams at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. They are essential for the effective diagnosis of a range of gastro-intestinal conditions and the data they produce is essential for the effective treatment of such ailments. If you are thinking of becoming an endoscopy technician, then you have an exciting career prospect on your hands. One that, although challenging and selective, does not require years of expensive medical education and training in order to attain. 

But what does all of this actually involve? If you are considering becoming an endoscopy technician, then the first step is to fully understand the role. 

What is an Endoscopy Technician?

As mentioned, endoscopy technicians are responsible for examining a patient’s gastrointestinal system. This is done by operating an endoscope, which is a flexible tube-like device with a camera attached to the end. Naturally, the correct and effective operation of an endoscope is the endoscopy technician’s primary role, but this is not all that they do. 

What Does an Endoscopy Technician Do? 

As well as actually operating the endoscope, an endoscopy technician will also prepare the room and the various pieces of equipment before an endoscopic procedure. This work of preparation is to ensure that all instruments are working properly, and that the appropriate safety checks have been carried out. If something goes wrong here, then the chances of misdiagnosis or even the endangerment of the patient become serious risks. As well as operating an endoscope then, preparation is also a vital part of the role. 

Endoscopic technicians will also have to monitor the patient when the procedure is taking place. This means checking vital signs and performing other direct patient care roles. They will also stock supplies and work with specimens in order to generate vital data for the diagnosis of a range gastro-intestinal conditions. 

In summary, it is this mixture of patient care, technical operation and safety preparation that really defines the role of an endoscopy technician. 

How to Become an Endoscopy Technician 

So, how do you become an endoscopy technician? If you have a look at various healthcare job boards such as Health Jobs Nationwide for vacancies, then you may well notice that attaining a position at any given health institution can be very competitive. This is something to bear in mind before embarking on this career path. 

Nevertheless, if you are convinced it is for you, here are the steps to becoming an endoscopy technician. 

Find an Endoscopy Tech Program 

The first step is to find an endoscopy tech program from an accredited institution that fits your needs. The entry requirements can vary but will normally involve some kind of previous education (although not a college degree) as well as the necessity of a detailed application. The actual application process is not too onerous, and you may even be accepted the very same day. 

Get an Endoscopy Tech Certification 

Not all states require this, but your chances of securing a position will be much better if you do get an endoscopy tech certification. And even when you get a job, you will be in a better position for career advancement if you have one. 

Choose A Career

We have briefly summarized the duties of an endoscopy technician above, but there is really a diversity of specific career paths to explore. You will probably get on one of these paths fairly early, so it makes a good deal of sense to explore these, take advice, and see what is right for you. 

And after all this has been done, all that is left is to find a vacancy and apply.