The perfect Knee Pain Addressing Issue for You


In case of severe pain, your doctor may prescribe painkillers or even anti-inflammatories. Chronic pain is often cyclical, you can see with him in which case to take painkillers in self-medication if they return.

Be careful, painkillers can hide the movements that trigger the pain and prevent you from stopping in time. Plus, they can have side effects. They are therefore to be handled with care and in the event of really unbearable pain. If you are interested to use a kneecap, then you can use the information from also.

Have a good sleep:

Sleep well to recover well

The body is a wonderful machine that regulates itself, especially during the phases of rest. Unfortunately, with our hectic lives, the duration of sleep has drastically decreased in recent years.

In the event of an injury, sleeping well is essential for recovery.

Some of you told me that they slept better by putting a pillow between your legs. We admit that we have never tried, so we do not have too much personal opinion on this question.

In any case, after doing some research and analyzing your feedback (thank you to everyone who played along.), Here are two models that seem to win your votes:

Change one’s mind:

Of course, changing your mind does not in itself solve your problem. But it can make it easier to live through a physically difficult period and that is already a lot.

  • Keeping busy allows you to focus less on the pain and therefore feel it less.
  • Having to take a break from your favorite activity, dealing with the stress of an injury, not feeling well in your body. All of this is uncomfortable.
  • As stress tends to exacerbate painful sensations, it is good not to enter a vicious circle: stress, increased pain, increased stress.
  • See this forced break as a special moment. Take the opportunity to try out new pain-free sports activities, spend time with family or friends.

Compress the joint:

Compressing the joint with a bandage, for example, naturally reduces the painful sensation.

Relieve by a medical act:

Undergoing surgery for patellar syndrome

  • Some chronic pain is inflammation. It is possible to reduce this by injecting corticosteroids directly into the joint. This quickly relieves pain and the effects can last for a month or two. The infiltrations are done in a doctor’s office.
  • Another possibility is to do a   The objective here is to decrease the pain but also to improve the condition of the knee. The doctor injects a product (hyaluronic acid) which is one of the compounds in synovial fluid directly into the knee. The synovial fluid lubricates the cartilages and protects against shocks. The effects are slower than for an infiltration, but they are more durable (8 months to 1 year).

In both cases, these acts are not trivial and a good diagnosis must be made by the doctor beforehand. It can actually help reduce pain. On the other hand, the root of your knee problem is not resolved so far and it will always be necessary in parallel to implement other actions depending on the origin of the problem.