6 Healthy Treats Your Kids Will Love


Kids have a sensitive digestive tract system that is only just growing and getting adapted to different kinds of food. Potatoes are an intriguing treat for kids, not just because of the variety it provides, but most importantly, for the health benefits they give your loved ones. They are rich in potassium and several other nutrients and low in sodium. 

Here are a few tasty Vegan Meal Plan Dubai that can be made from potatoes to give your kids a fantastic snack meal and a healthy dose of nutrients while at it.


Salads are a timeless classic. Potato salads are really awesome! It is a tasty snack loved by kids and even teenagers. When mixed with the right ingredients such as chopped hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, green onions, green peppers, and a few healthy spices, the result is one yummy and mouth-watering salad that will have your kids wanting more.

Potato chips and sesame seeds

Sesame seeds could help your kids with their bowel movement as it is rich in fibers. They are not only crunchy and yummy to taste, but they also contain full of healthy nutrients for your growing kids.

Russet potatoes

These potatoes contain the highest nutrients among potato species. A snack made with russet potatoes, which is sometimes referred to as Idaho potatoes, gives a very lovely aroma and an amazing taste as well.

Hams and potatoes

Hams are good taste enhancers and are also very high in protein. The combination of these two gives a great and healthy snack combination for your kids and loved ones. They not only enjoy a dose of a protein-rich diet, but they get to benefit from the nutrients in the spices that are used to prepare this delicious meal. Adults are not left out as well, as they can have potatoes and ham as an enjoyable evening delicacy.

Potato wedges

This makes a perfect side dish for your kids’ sandwiches and could also be served as a stand-alone snack for an evening treat. It can be served with a dip as a finish, especially for kids who do not like boring meals. The tasty combination of potato wedges and well-made ketchup is a must-try.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

This is a very good recipe for your little ones who might easily tire from eating the crunchy stuff. The creamy look and taste are mouth-watering and will have your kids wanting more. If you also have aged adults who no longer fancy chewing so much, this is the perfect meal. It could be served as breakfast or as a snack or as an evening delicacy for the family. One thing is for sure; your family will thank you for this yummy meal.