The Best Way to Order Prescription Drugs Online



There are different reasons why people order prescription drugs online. One of the major reasons is the fact that it is private and very convenient. Online prescription price without insurance is usually not as expensive as purchasing over the counter or from a doctor. However, before you proceed to purchase online, be wary of “Rogue Sites” that offer drugs at unbelievable discount prices.

It is very important to do your research well before you order prescription drugs online. While a lot of pharmacy websites operate legally and ensure the safety of their buyers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns people to desist from rogue online pharmacies. Some of these pharmacies claim to offer medicines at great discount prices without the need for a valid medical prescription.

A lot of these Rogue Sites sell counterfeit and unapproved drugs putting the lives of their clients at risk. There are a lot of these sites that will boldly display a Canadian flag on their site. However, a proper investigation has shown that such criminals do not have any connection with Canada.

One of the ways to find out if an online pharmacy store is authentic or fake is by the help of the FDA’s BeSafeRx. There are also signs that you should watch out for to know whether an online pharmacy is rogue or genuine.

Signs to watch out for that tell you an online pharmacy is rogue

Once you come across any of these signs, know that you are walking into an online rogue pharmacy trap.

  • The site permits you to purchase prescription drugs without requesting a valid doctor’s prescription as a backing
  • The site does not have a pharmacist with a U.S license available to answer to your queries
  • Offers prices that are far too low and appear too good to be true
  • Spamming sites that send you spam emails that promise a very low price for drugs
  • Pharmacies that are located outside of the United States with a promise of worldwide shipping

How to know the right source to purchase a prescription drug

Several signs will tell you that an online pharmacy is safe when purchasing. Some of these signs include:

  • They request a valid prescription from a doctor or a licensed professional healthcare provider
  • A valid online pharmacy must have a valid license from the pharmacy board in the state they operate. You can easily find this information online
  • They have an office in the United States with an evident street address as proof
  • They have a pharmacist who is licensed in any of the U.S states who will answer your queries

There is also another way to find out whether a pharmacist is legit or rogue is by visiting the NABP website. They provide a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites TM Seal that is also referred to as VIPPS ®Seal. Any pharmacy that has the VIPPS seal is certified and safe to purchase from because they have met all the requirements by the state laws.

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