Weight Loss

Best Food To Eat After Bariatric Surgery


Weight loss can have several diet phases which will include a lot of variety of food and as the stomach heals these new food habits can be slowly introduced into your stomach.

Everyone’s weight loss goals are different therefore diet charts are different but in general, these are the steps suggested to patients after a Maryland bariatric surgery.

  1. Clear Liquid Diet: This diet begins usually when you are still in the hospital, especially within the initial 24 hours post-surgery. The idea behind is to keep the body hydrated and free from any particles which can cause irritation or your body might react to. Liquids allowed during this are usually, broth, water and sugar-free gelatin.
  2. Liquid diet: Within one to three days the patient is allowed to consume protein shakes and milk throughout the day for about 14 days. It is needed as protein helps in building muscle mass and provides energy to the body.
  3. Soft Diet, also known as Puree Diet: Solid food is introduced with a pureed texture to increase your body’s tolerance towards solid food. This is the diet which needs to be followed between three to four weeks since the weight loss surgery. Protein consumption needs to be prioritized during this time and you can also have nutrient-rich food like scrambled eggs, hummus, chicken, tuna low-fat mayo. Protein shakes also continue during this time but more as a supplement and not as a direct source for the protein. This diet can continue for five to six weeks but you can introduce tougher foods and challenge your tolerance for the same. These can be fruits, vegetables and even some grains.
  4. Regular Diet: Almost after seven weeks you can begin your regular diet but at the same time you have to be careful about your new full as you will feel hunger subsiding sooner than it used to be.

During this diet protein still needs to be a priority being part of each of your meals. You can incorporate fibrous fruits and vegetables too.

Food habits post-surgery play a crucial role in the recovery and success of the weight loss programme.