Rehab: A combined effort or Personal Willpower?


Drug addiction is an ever-growing challenge, and dealing with it has not been easy. The whole process of drug rehabilitation is a tedious and cumbersome exercise altogether. It takes a tremendous out of the drug addict as well as his or her family members.

Getting rid of drug abuse is a tricky affair. It not only needs a conscious effort to detox the body but also requires the person’s mental detoxification.

Now empowering the masses can help spread knowledge about the ill effects of drug abuse and also raise awareness about the impact it takes on the mental and physical well being altogether.

But the question looms large, “Rehab: A combined effort or Personal Willpower?”

Honestly speaking, it is a skillful combination of both.

The personal effort on the part of the drug addict is the foremost requirement for the rehab process to start. The person should be well motivated from within to get rid of this deadly and risky situation. Also, the person should be ably supported by his or her family members without which he or she may feel lonely and end the rehab process prematurely.

Family support will go a long way in instilling a sense of confidence in the person which he or she would require the most during going through the rigorous process of rehab.

While the procedure is going on, the body is detoxified, and the mental support from the close ones, especially one’s family and friends, would help him, or her build on his or her confidence.

Thus it is extremely critical for a collective effort from family and friends to go with the self-confidence of the addict to come out successfully through a rehab process. Once completed, the person can lead a very healthy life in the usual way indeed.