Rules & Regulations of a Sober Living House


Sober living is a great option for those who are trying to get their life back on track after addiction.  This blog post will cover the rules and regulations that go into being sober in a sober living house, as well as some pros of this type of living situation. 

What is a sober house?

A sober living is a large house or home that residents live in where they are able to pay rent with the use of their own income. The sober living setting provides an environment where individuals can transition from treatment back into society. Sober living homes do not provide 24-hour supervision, so residents must be committed to their sobriety and work an 8-12 step program.

Rules & Regulations of a Sober Living House

  1. All residents must be clean and sober (no alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescribed medications) upon entry.
  2. All residents must attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meetings, or any other type of Twelve-Step meeting for the first 30 days after moving into the house.
  3. Residents must attend a daily morning meeting, which will be determined by the house manager and voted upon by residents. This meeting should last no longer than 30 minutes in length.
  4. Each resident will have three strikes before being evicted from the house. The first strike will result in a warning being given to the resident. The second strike will result in a 24-hour suspension from the daily morning meeting and, therefore, from the house. A third strike will result in eviction from the house.
  5. Each resident must pay an amount per month for rent and bills (electricity/gas/water). All residents are required to share in cleaning chores, including cooking, dishwashing, and room cleaning. Each resident must complete a chore for each day of the week (one chore per day). A failure to complete assigned chores will result in a strike.
  6. Any resident who is suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave the house and complete a rehab program. Residents may not return until they have been deemed clean and sober by their counselor or doctor.
  7. All residents must attend treatment (individual, group, or family counseling) upon request. Such requests will be honored if the requestor has completed his/her daily chores for the week and has not accumulated any strikes.
  8. Residents are allowed to have visitors within reason; they can also have pets as long as they are properly cared for. Alcohol and Drugs are not allowed in the home or on the property of a sober living facility.

Benefits of a sober house

The benefits of living in a sober house are that residents can live rent-free. They must be committed to their sobriety, so the house will have rules and regulations they must abide by. Otherwise, this may not work out. One benefit is being able to focus all of your energy on getting yourself clean and then maintaining that lifestyle once leaving the house.

The drawbacks are that you have to follow the rules and regulations, which can be very hard for some people. You must attend meetings upon request or if it is part of your treatment plan. And lastly, you have to financially support yourself once leaving the house because they do not provide any financial assistance until you are ready to move out.

So that was a brief look at what the rules and regulations of sober living homes in Hollywood. We hope you learned something from this article, and it has been helpful in your sobriety.