Revision Rhinoplasty: Factors to consider before fixing an Inappropriate Nose job


Nose job or rhinoplasty is an exciting task for everyone. As it is the cosmetic surgery and results are usually in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon. Of course, nobody can live with a bad nose job. So, you should go for revising the nose surgery in “Khorat” (ทำจมูก โคราช, Which is the term in Thai).

The first-time rhinoplasty is an exciting thing but redoing the nose job can be a daunting task. Most people are worried because of the satisfaction of the first time most job. But don’t worry, I am discussing the important factors that you need to consider before choosing the revision rhinoplasty. Let us know about these factors affecting it.

When you underwent most surgery (First time)? Which part of the nose was focused in the nose surgery at that time?

Remember, the final results of the nose job do not come until the healing completes. Healing time varies from the person to person. It might take few weeks also and it might take a year for healing. There are certain areas on the nose that can take up more than a year for healing completion like the tip of the nose. It is a cosmetically sensitive area and heals at the last time. If the healing is not completed, don’t get anxious and go for the re-do nose surgery in “Khorat” (แก้จมูก โคราช, term in Thai) because the results can get more complicated?

Do you require additional implants or grafts for achieving the revision?

First of all, you need to think about the total nose surgeries you have undergone. If the total number of surgeries is higher, the cartilages will be weak and the nose cannot be ready to take up one more surgery. So here, the need for a nose implant or nose graft arises. It is important to preserve the basic functioning of the nose. So, the nasal frame is important to be reconstructed during nose surgery. If you have undergone several nose surgeries already, you need to consider the implants from any other site such as a rib, ear, etc.

When the revision nose job will heal the nose?

The first-time rhinoplasty heals in less than a year. But revision rhinoplasty takes at least a year for healing completion. Don’t get anxious and you will get the final results after a year.