Are There Any Side Effects To Using Botox Treatments?



If you want to get rid of those wrinkles or you just want to look a little freshened up, Botox has become a major route towards looking younger. The only thing that people do worry about is if there are any side effects. The truth is that side effects to Botox treatments are pretty rare, but since you asked, let’s explore them:

You can get a bit of a bruising, bleeding, pain, redness, swelling, or possibly an infection around the injection site. This may appear to raise a red flag, or two, but these are really the same kind of reactions you can get from having any needle.

The most common side effect is to have some difficulty swallowing. Looking for the remainder of the list on the most common side effects? That was it. The rest of the side effects are all pretty rare. That, alone, should make you feel better already!

The rarest symptoms can involve some difficulty breathing or speaking. There are also some who experience a little bit of muscle weakness.

For people who have had Botox for eyelid twitching, you can experience a bit of eye dryness and there is a possibility that you may not be able to close your eyelids completely. If you can’t then you should consult your doctor. The most uncommon side effects are that you might blink less, get some irritation around your cornea, and your eyelids might turn a little sometimes.

If you’re going to have Botox done to decrease the appearance of forehead lines, you might experience a little bit of dropping around the brows. For the treatment of vertical lines, you might experience some drooping around your upper eyelid. You might also experience some muscle weakness, or some loss of feeling in your face.

Some of these side effects may seem a little frightening, but it is important to remember that these side effects happen in only the smallest fraction of patients and that the general consensus is that Botox is extraordinarily safe. Also, keep in mind that these side effects are listed for a number of different kinds of treatments. Each treatment has its own limited number of side effects, but not all of the ones listed above!

Yes, we know what you were really looking for in this list for side effects. So, let’s confront the question: If Botox was derived from a form of botulism, can I catch it from having Botox injections done? You can put your mind at ease, there isn’t a single reported case of someone getting botulism from cosmetic Botox injections and no one has ever died as a result of getting this procedure done.

That’s what you wanted to know and now you know. Remember that for any procedure, there are always risks involved. The important thing to do is to ask your doctor if you’re worried about anything related to having Botox injections done. That’s what your doctor is there for!