Are There Any Medical Conditions That You Need to Consider Before Opting For a Laser Hair Treatment?



This is a query that comes to us a lot of times, of course, you have put in your time and effort to do your research and you want the best laser hair removal in Ahmedabad. You know that laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of your hair once and forever and given how far technology has come, you are now ready to go ahead with it and get everything done. You might have figured out everything regarding your hair quality what treatment you want etc. but one thing that you might have not considered is something that is actually quite crucial – which is your medical history.


Now you must be wondering what kind of role might medical history play when it comes to laser hair removal in Ahmedabad. You might be thinking that for a process that is basically just about the removal of hair and dead skin – how can your medical history be relevant? However, you must know that even though your hair shaft consists of dead cells that are your hair – your hair follicles are actually quite alive and so are all the skin tissues and cells that surround it. So when a laser hair removal treatment in Ahmedabad happens, what is basically done is that a beam of concentrated light is focused on the hair follicle and this ends up impacting the tissues around it as well. Even though the laser is calibrated in such a manner that it is heats up the layers of skin but the tissue that surrounds your hair follicles does end up absorbing the heat and actually might end up behaving abnormally – that is if you have a medical history, that is not conducive for laser hair removal in Ahmedabad.


Even though it is quite rare to have in these kinds of conditions that make you a not so ideal candidate, however whenever you do go to see consultation it is best that you discuss your medical history so that your doctor can ascertain it. There are ample people who have heart related diseases and do take a lot of medications and some of these antibiotics, drugs might not be the best with a laser hair removal treatment in Ahmedabad. So is the case for people who are on some sort of integrated life support like a pacemaker or even for people who might be pregnant. Another consideration would be for people who have any kind of metal screw a metal plate under the skin could be due to joint injury or anything of that sort – so laser hair removal treatment in Ahmedabad is not recommended for them as well. Disbarring all these serious considerations, there might even be some antibiotics that you might have to continue at least a month before your laser treatment starts. 


Hence it is best to discuss all your medical history with your doctor before starting your laser hair removal treatment in Ahmedabad- so that you do not end up having any sort of adverse reactions later and might regret the treatment.