What Are The Different Anti-aging Options Available?


The struggle is real. After one point of time, the skin starts showing the signs of aging. The effects are subtle at the beginning like wrinkles and lack of a natural glow but over the time the skin starts to sag, loses important natural oils and faces a loss of elasticity too. This is where a good personal skin care routine comes in, however, after some time you might also require professional help with skin treatments and some good skin care products too.

So here’s the list of some pocket-friendly anti-aging treatments:

1) Chemical Peel

A chemical peel works by removing the first layer of skin on the face using chemicals which help in removing brown spots and hyperpigmentation. With age, the skin’s ability to shed the outermost layer and create a new layer becomes slow (known as desquamation process) and using such treatments you can help you with rejuvenation.

2) Microdermabrasion treatment

This process helps in instant refinement as it helps to remove dead flay skin on the face, the sun damage spots, and bumps created on the face because of oil trapped beneath the skin. The metal wand works its magic by exfoliating your skin by scraping away the dead skin and then vacuuming the same.

3) Fillers and Injectables

Botox has been used since a long time to remove lines and wrinkles present on the face, forehead, and around the eyes. For a more natural look, you can consult Clinique anti-aging and find the best fillers for you. Fillers include products that contain collagen that helps your skin to regain volume that keeps the skin firm and plump. Juvederm and Restylane are some popular hyaluronic acid fillers.

4) Laser Resurfacing

This is another treatment that helps you polish the skin by using light energy to get inside the skin’s collagen layer and thereby, restore the lost collagen and elastin. The results are visible within a week and also last long with proper maintenance and care.

Mesotherapy, micro-needling, dermalift, etc. are some of the other therapies that one can select depending on their skin requirements. All the suggested treatments are to be done in consultation with a proper cosmetologist or skin doctor. These treatments require pre and post-care in order to gain the maximum benefits out of them and also to maintain it over the long term.

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