Understanding Your GEHA Health Plans Coverage and Benefits


GEHA stands for Government Employees Health Association. The organization is aninventor health insurance service provider that provides federal employees under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Acts of 1959. This was at a time when GEHA expanded its possibility of service to contain retirees from various agencies of the government.

For over 81 years, the organization has been executing medical and dental health insurance services to federal employees.GEHA health addiction treatment programhelps millions of employees around the globe. As a leading medical and dental insurance services provider in the US, GEHA aids over 1.8 million persons. This includes federal employees, retirees, and their family members.

Why Choose GEHA?

GEHA health addiction treatment programprovides coverage for some medical conditions including substance abuse as part of its complete mental health program. Following the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 1966, it is needed for large group health insurance service providers to dealwith thesame level of benefits for mental health conditions and substance abuse as they do for medical and surgical care. Therefore, with a GEHA insurance plan, you can imagine a significant level of coverage for addiction treatment.

Is GEHA Insurance Good For Federal Employees? 

Many of the active or retired federal employees and their family members covered under GEHA health plans. When it comes to coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatment, GEHA policies are compacted, trustworthy and substantial, and that is good news for you if you want intervention for a serious behavioral health problem.

There are three types of GEHA health plans such as the standard option, the high option, and the high deductible option. While they caterto variouslevels of coverage for some conditions, all provide similarlyeye-catching benefits for substance abuse and mental health treatment. Apart fromthat GEHA health plan you have, you should be able to obtain the assistance you need if you have anauthentic need for behavioral health rehabilitation services.

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