Types of spa filters you can use


Within the day spa swimming pool sector, there are two sorts of spa filters. Both are round fit with plastic ends for connection to the filter box on the base as well as transforming take care of on the top. Some medical spas utilize micron spa filters, but your Sapphire Day spa will have pleated health club filters installed: two in a spa pool as well as four in a swim spa, i.e. two screwed in the base of the box of the filter, as well as two placed on the top.

Pleated Medical spa filters remove particles 20 microns or bigger. They are the most common kind of filters pleats in the material, significantly enhance the surface area readily available to record fragments with your filtering system.

Micron filters are used on their own as well as pleated filters. These filter fibers catch debris to 5 microns. Micron filters might save you money by decreasing the amount of chemicals of spa needed to keep water clarity.

Remember that the filter’s quality you’re purchasing as some suppliers produce a more affordable item by decreasing the quality of the construction. We do not suggest making use of less expensive medical spa filters as the building might damage down swiftly and be more difficult to clean correctly. Poor quality filters might obstruct faster than those of better. Ensure you buy your health facility filters from a knowledgeable as well as a straightforward distributor that supplies a service warranty as health club damage may happen because of filter failure.

When you ought to change your spa filters

The life of your medical spa filters depends upon how much you use your spa as well as how well you maintain your filters. The performance of all filter cartridges will gradually be compromised, which can reduce the performance of your pump as well as filtration system and also possibly cause damage to the functions of your spa.

Micron filters cannot be cleaned up, so if you use your spa frequently, you will need to change these every 3-6months.

We advise that you clean pleated filters at least every two weeks, but a lot more routinely, your day spa is under heavy use. If your filters are kept properly, you need to only need to replace them with new ones every 12-18months.