Alpha GPC- Facts and History


Every student has faced the situation of exam tension at one point or another in their life. After all their studies and procedures of mugging up, they have to face the immense pressure of remembering them till the moment when they have to write it down in their exam sheet as answers. The pressure is more on the students who cannot remember the study materials for long and the exam pressure makes them forget their texts even more. However, they do not need to worry much on that matter now, since several memory enhancement drugs have come to the market.

These nootropic memory-enhancing drugs have proved to be effective in various neurological conditions as well as enhancement of the performance of the brain. Some of these drugs have also been found to have additional beneficial values like increasing the physical performance of the body. One such drug is Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC has also been found to boost intellectual skills and also can be used as a treatment to enhance recovery after ischemic stroke. The beneficial effects of the drug can be experienced by you if you take the following into your consideration.

  • Mode of administration 

You want to take Alpha GPC, then you need to first decide whether you want to take the drug orally, or through injection. Alpha GPC is one of the few nootropic drugs that can be taken in both ways. If you wish to take the drug orally, you can proceed with or without food along with it. Additionally, you will feel happy to know that the taste of the drug is very sweet.

  • Dosage

The next important consideration for Alpha GPC drug is its dosage. The dosage of administration depends on a variety of factors. The first vital point is the purpose for which you are taking the drug. If you want to boost your growth hormone or fat burning, then you should go for 600 mg of the drug approximately, and that too 30-60 minutes before you’re working out schedule.

You want to enhance the performance of your brain, and then it is better to go for 200-600 mg dosage. You can also stack Alpha GPC with another drug belonging to the Racetam family that will amplify the results.

  • Side effects of Alpha GPC

Till now, there have not been any reports of serious side effects of Alpha GPC. Mild symptoms like dizziness, insomnia, headache, heartburn and skin rashes have been reported. Most of the side effects of the drug have been associated with a high dosage. Therefore, if you face a similar situation, then you must lessen the dosage of the drug that you are consuming.

The effect of the drug on pregnancy and during breastfeeding has not been elucidated. Therefore, try to avoid taking the drug if you face any similar situation.

There are several nootropic products available in the market. If you want to choose the best nootropic choline drug for you, these are some of the considerations that you need to make while taking your decision.