Three ways to repair and restore hair health 


Today, you can do so many fun things with your hair. You can put them in pretty French braids or a messy bun. You can have any color on your hair. Plus, you may also be using various tools like hair straightener, dryer, and stylers. All of these, combined with external pollution, can lead to severe hair problems. Thus, you should follow these ways below to restore the damage.

1 – Use a hydrating and repairing shampoo

There are countless choices in the market when it comes to a product like shampoo. But you should use a healthy and hair growth shampoo. Your shampoo should have essential oils, vitamins, and minerals like Keratin. Companies like Kerotin offer you a shampoo that contains all the healthy ingredients.

2 – Deep conditioning is a key

You may eat supplements to make hair grow. But, you also need to provide nourishment externally. Hair masks are the best way to deep condition your hair. It moisturizes your hair and eliminates dryness of the scalp. Damage from hair treatments and pollution can get repaired by applying hair masks.

3 – Don’t forget to brush your hair 

Your scalp periodically secrets natural oil, which acts as a protective layer to your hair. While you brush your hair, the natural oil reaches all parts of your scalp. Also, brushing promotes better blood flow to your hair follicles, giving you stronger hair.

In a nutshell, replace your regular shampoo with a one containing hair repair vitamins. With deep conditioning and regular brushing, massage you can restore your hair health.