The Type of Road Bike Frames for the Road Cycler


If you are a road cycler then you probably know most of this information. This then is meant for the many people just getting into cycling who do not know much. 

Popular sport

This is a sport that has gained in popularity and has become remarkably various. There are all types of road bicycles and there is certain to be one that matches your needs. Whether you go for speed or distances, there is a road bike frame to match your goals. You can find a bike they give you a comfortable ride whether you are on asphalt that is smooth or gravel that is anything but smooth.

Traditional road frames

Most traditional road frames use a flat top-tube and then a shorter seat post, but compact geometrically is now the most common bike frame, with a top tube that sloops to make a lighter, smaller frame and as well improves the standover height. It is also important that when you buy a bicycle that you buy the correct size and shape for you as well as the type of riding you will be doing.

Various frame types

There are many types of frames for bikes and they include:

  • Aerodynamic carbon frame
  • Single speed carbon frame
  • Disc brake carbon frame
  • Super light carbon frame
  • Triathlon carbon

Aerodynamic bike frame

This type of bike frame is quickly becoming one of the most popular road bikes. It has:

  • Integrated flat handlebar
  • Top tube
  • Downtube
  • Aero headtube
  • Seat stay
  • Seat post
  • Chainstay
  • Aero fork

This was everything you need to progress your position aerodynamically on the bike. This causes the speed to be the eventual goal with this frame. 

First bike

If you are buying your first bike for road trips then the aerodynamic bike frame is the one that you need to consider.