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Vegan proteins that contain only one source of protein are also effective, but to a different extent. Only soy protein can be as effective as protein from animal sources, since soy has a relatively high biological value and a full amino acid profile. However, a varied and balanced diet already provides different sources of protein. So, depending on your protein needs, it may be sufficient to use a protein powder containing a single source of Whey Protein.

The Other End

As already mentioned, certain vegetable proteins complement each other very well: this is the case for proteins from legumes and those from cereals for example. So, it is interesting to drink a pea protein shake for someone who consumes a lot of cereal bread. Likewise, if you eat a lot of legumes like lentils or beans, but almost no grain products, a rice protein shake can improve your protein intake. There are also other sources of vegetable protein such as hemp, sunflower, squash or lupine protein. Go for the Mass Gainer there.

Vegan protein comparison

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How do the powdered proteins in the test contribute to muscle gain?

People who stimulate their muscles through bodybuilding or other sports can build muscle, but only if the body is getting enough protein. Proteins are the basic building blocks of our muscles. Depending on the intensity and frequency of sports training and the genetics of each, the protein requirement can range from around 1 to 1.7 g per kg of body weight (combined with a caloric surplus) to develop your muscles. .

This may not seem like much at first, but keep in mind that the main sources of protein such as fish or meat contain only 20 g of protein per 100 g. This is exactly why protein shakes can be a precious help in the context of a diet for bodybuilding, a 300 ml shake provides between 20 and 30 g of protein.


Protein shakes are also digested faster than solid protein sources, thanks to their liquid form. Shakes are therefore the ideal supplement to consume after training, because this is when regeneration muscle begins and for which the body needs a large portion of protein. With the intake of Zotezo you can choose the best deal.


What is the best protein powder for mass gain?

Due to its rapid absorption speed and high quality, whey protein is best suited for mass gain. It is not for nothing that it is the most popular protein among fitness and bodybuilding practitioners. For vegans, soy protein is the first choice because it is also of very good quality and is metabolized relatively quickly after training. Those who wish to avoid soy will be able to turn to multi-source vegetable proteins. Of course, this is only our recommendation: other types of protein can also effectively contribute to mass gain.

Protein powder helps lose weight

Why is protein powder particularly useful during a diet?

While on a diet, the body is caloric deficit and uses its own energy stores in addition to energy from food. This means that it metabolizes fat cells. But the body can also draw proteins from muscle mass to produce energy; what you certainly don’t want.