Weight Loss

Gastric Balloon Diet – A Guide to gastric Balloon Patients


When diets and exercise are non-effective, weight loss surgery is an excellent option to shed excess weight. Gastric bypass and sleeve surgery are some of the most effective weight loss operations performed by surgeons today. But these are a bit invasive, and lap band surgery is a less invasive and a highly practical option of weight loss surgery. In the lap band surgical procedure, a silicone band is surgically placed on top of the stomach. It then is adjusted to restrict the intake of food, ensuring that the body intakes only the right amount of nutrients for further digestion.

This is how you prep for lap band surgery:

  1. A support system of friends and family is crucial in maintaining a proper and well-minded psyche during the lap band procedure. They are essential for transportation, care and other forms of taking care of you.
  2. Start a pre-surgery diet and reduce the amount of food that is consumed by you daily. Opt for smaller amounts of food with lesser calories and eat your meals slowly. It increases the chances of success pre-surgery if you practice less eating beforehand.
  3. Be physically prepared for surgery. Perform lightweight exercises and stretching to improve the preparedness for the operation. Your doctor will provide you with guidelines and instructions to be followed for the prep for lap band surgery.
  4. Having a post-operation diet is also required to sustain the loss of weight. Ask your dietician to provide you with the best diet to be followed after your operation so that you can stock your fridge beforehand. The restrictions in food might be tough to adjust to at first, but the end product is worth the effort.
  5. There must be changes in eating habits too. Food must be chewed more thoroughly and must be eaten slowly. Water must not be drunk 30 minutes before and after eating.
  6. Weight loss surgery can be emotionally draining, as it is a life-altering process. It is essential that you mentally prepare yourself for the outcome that the operation will result in and ask for support from friends and family. It would help if you remembered that you are not alone in this process, and the surgery is going to benefit your life ethically and optimistically.

In this article, we discussed how to prepare for lap band surgery?. Furthermore, Lap band surgery in Mexico can be availed by obese patients who are looking to lose weight effectively. The method is proven and guarantees results.