Right Erectile Dysfunction Options You Can Have


About 30% of men suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. Among these, a good part complains of very rapid ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is that which occurs before the desired moment and is associated with little stimulation and in a persistent or recurrent manner. It can be primary (always ejaculated fast) or secondary (started ejaculating before the moment after having normal ejaculations). It occurs mainly in inexperienced or anxious young people and in adults who already have some degree of erection or relationship problem. Now from the Tadalafil intermediate manufacturer factory this is important.

Organic Causes

Organic causes and hormonal disorders are extremely uncommon. They are usually associated with emotional or psychological problems. Because it is a problem in the sexual sphere, it can often interfere with self-esteem and have consequences for erection.

The treatment has good results and undergoes an evaluation of each person, with their complaints and expectations. Based on the identification of the problem, pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment can be carried out, or even both.

Chronic Diseases:  Hypothyroidism (deficit in the production of thyroid hormones) and chronic renal failure that are not compensated can cause erection disorders.

Drug Abuse: The use of illicit drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, can lead to erectile sexual dysfunction due to damage in the neurological and vascular segments related to erection.

Prostate Cancer: The treatment of prostate cancer, whether by radiotherapy or surgery (conventional, laparoscopic or robotic), can cause serious consequences in the erection mechanisms, usually by damaging the nerves responsible for it. This deficit can be mild, with little impact on quality of life and good response to oral medications, or extreme to the point of resolving exclusively with the implantation of penile prosthesis.

“Psychological” Or “Emotional” Causes

Emotional disturbances can cause or contribute to the onset of the problem, usually related to depressive conditions, problems of personal or emotional relationship, or “stress” situations, very common in our daily life. In the Tadalafil manufacturer factory you can have the best deals.

How To Identify The Problem?

The diagnosis is based on the signs and symptoms reported by the patient during a medical consultation, as well as on his personal history: life habits, diseases being treated, addictions, medications in use and previous surgeries. Symptoms may start abruptly, but they often install slowly, gradually, and progressively.

The most common symptoms are the difficulty in obtaining an erection capable of promoting vaginal penetration, or the difficulty in keeping the penis erect for a sufficient period to achieve ejaculation and orgasm. It is possible to find a decrease in sexual interest accompanying the condition, as well as the perception of a decrease in the frequency and stiffness of morning erections, those usually observed when waking up with a relatively full bladder. Some laboratory and imaging tests can assist in diagnosis.


Treatment must be carried out in stages. At first, psychological factors must be identified and treated, eventually with specialized psychotherapeutic support. In addition, all organic conditions that can be reversed or mitigated must be identified and treated. In a second stage, as long as there are no contraindications, oral medications that facilitate and intensify the erection phenomenon should be offered, such as Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) or Vardenafil (Levitra), among others.

In case of failure, intracavernous drugs should be administered, applied directly inside the cavernous bodies. And finally, in the case of the failure of these initial stages, the penile prosthesis as a definitive measure.

The content presented in this session is informative and educational. If you are interested in more information, have doubts or even identify yourself with the problem presented, we will be available to assist you in our clinic.