Derma Roller For Scars: The Best Element to Heal Your Skin



Scars are the thing which us of our skin complexes. They are quite stubborn and take a long time to heal. But these scars can shake our confidence and take away the charm of our skin. To bring back everything on the right track, we have to look for a treatment that is easy for us and cost-effective. So, Derma Roller for scars is the best tool to treat our scars and we can easily execute this treatment at home. We just need to keep some parameters in mind.

What is Derma Roller for Scars?

Derma roller is a small cylindrical tool covered in lots of tiny needles that puncture the skin surface and heals scars. The scars which we are talking about are acne scars that are quite deep. Though it is used to heal other scars as well such as injury scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, stretch marks.

The Derma roller when rolled on the skin surface, it’s needles pierce the skin and create holes resulting in small wounds. This triggers the body to start the healing process and hence causes the production of more collagen and elastin. Thus skin renews itself, develops new cells, and induces the repair process properly and immediately.

Hence the skin has improved texture, plump, firm skin, even skin tone, and ultimately diminished scars.

One more thing to note here is that with derma roller scarring removal drugs work fast. Also, the topical application gets absorbed into the skin rapidly. Otherwise, it’s a slow absorption process and sometimes drugs don’t even get accessed to targeted areas.

As with derma rolling needles create holes, these tiny holes allow the skin to get absorbed into topicals and also assist in transferring the drugs to the targeted areas.

How to use derma rollers for removing scars?

  1. Cleanliness is very important so clean the derma roller and disinfect it in the alcohol-based solution
  2. Prepare the skin for treatment. For this cleanse your skin with pH-based formula and mildly exfoliate it. This will discard all the dead skin cells, impurities and make the skin completely ready for treatment
  3. Apply a good hydrating and firming skin serum
  4. Start the procedure now. Gently roll the device over scars in all the directions-horizontal, vertical and diagonal at least 6-8 times
  5. Now wash the skin with water and apply another layer of serum
  6. After the whole treatment disinfect the derma roller again in an alcohol solution and leave it to dry. Then put in the box or storage case
  7. Repeat the whole derma rolling treatment consistently for several months to get the desired results.

Best Derma Roller for scars

Gin Amber Beauty1.0mm Derma Roller is the most effective needle length that will penetrate the deep inside of the dermis section of the skin layer and cure the scars. Do the derma rolling treatment with 1.0mm once every 10-14 days and you will see the change. And avoid this length around the eye area and forehead.

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