Debunking Common Misconceptions Regarding The 12-Step Program AA


AA is well known as the first 12-Step program to be ever organised. However, several myths have been said about this program. Here are some of the myths:

Myth No. 1: AA Programs Are Ineffective

The fact is that there is no universally applicable method of treating substance abuse. Likely, what fits one individual may not suit another. Are there any individuals who started in AA but eventually stopped going? Yes. Do all individuals who attend AA programs stay sober? Not at all. Despite this, a large body of research indicates that AA programs are one of the most successful and best-studied therapy for addictive behavior change.

Myth No. 2: AA Programs Force Individuals to Do Things Against Their Will

Anyone interested in attending AA meetings is under no need to worry about being forced into doing things. There’s a chance that not everyone in the group would wish the best interests for you but that is common in every group setting. However, one may still take part in AA without them. Make use of the program’s features that lead you to folks who genuinely care about overall well-being.

Myth No.3 AA Programs Consist of a Bunch of Alcoholics

The truth is that AA is made up of people from many walks of life. One person’s degree of sobriety may be decades high, while another may have just been sober for minutes. In many cases, folks have hit rock bottom. Several of these persons had sought help from AA before their breakdowns. There are people of all ages and all different kinds of backgrounds here. There are more than just hopeless drinkers in AA meetings. As the name suggests, AA is “a fellowship of people who share their opinions, inspiration, and hope with each other in order to resolve their common problem and help others heal from alcoholism.”

Myth No. 4: Your life will be managed by your sponsor.

Being sponsored does not mean giving up your individuality and autonomy. Just because you have a sponsor will not really mean they have to micromanage your every move. Their objective is to provide assistance. According research, “long-term sobriety requires a great deal of effort from both the alcoholic (the recovered member) and the alcoholic (the newcomer).

Myth No.5: AA organizational structure is complicated

To our knowledge, there exists no publicly available directories of participating members. No one is serving as the organization’s official chief executive.  The AA general services board consists of 14 AA individuals and seven “non-alcoholic friends of the Fellowship.” These groups share information and connect with alcoholics’ organizations all around the world. This organisation is much simpler than the majority of others out there.

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