Core Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain



The wellbeing of your lower back highly depends on the activity that you put it on a daily basis. If you don’t involve with enough core strengthening exercises, the chances are that you will start having pain in your back. Your core muscles are the only support for your rib cage and pelvis. As there are no other things supporting your rib cage and pelvis, you have to make sure that you have a strengthen your core with the help of core strengthening exercises.

Core Exercises to Prevent Low Back Pain

Performing core exercises will help you activate your abdominal muscles, glutes, and lower back without causing any pain. If you feel any pain while doing the exercises, you have to stop right there. Pain can take place due to less bodily activity that circulates the blood. Many people like to use circulation promoters like this from Halo, however, doing exercises is still a must. 

The pain during exercises can only happen if you make a move too advanced and use the wrong muscle group. Once you make your workout plan, you have to start slowly with fewer repetitions at the initial stage. Gradually, you can start including more and more repetitions so that your core becomes stronger than ever. 

Here are the best core strengthening exercises that you should perform regularly.

1. Bridges

The name of the large muscle of the buttocks is the Gluteus Maximus. It maintains the movement of the hip, such as exercises like squats and other hip extensions. When your gluteus muscles are weak, you may fall victim to back pain. As the bridges exercise can stabilize your hip joints and lower back, you have to perform this exercise daily. 

2. Drawing-in manuever

There is a muscle that wraps around the midline of your body, which is called the transverse abdominis. It is the optimal muscle when it comes to supporting the abdomen and spine. It has a great hand in stabilizing the spinal joints. As a result, it becomes an amazing exercise when it comes to preventing injury during movement. 

3. Lying lateral leg raises

If you want to raise your leg to the side, you have to make use of the hip abductor muscles. When you stand on one leg, you have to make use of these muscles as well. These muscles are important when it comes to having an enhanced balance and mobility for the overall body. If you have instability in these muscles, it can cause low back pain. 

4. Supermans

The back extensors are very important to keep us up with the upright position. They support our spine and pelvic bones. As they support our spines, we get to arch our back with the help of the extensors. Supermans help you to strengthen your back, buttocks, hips, and shoulders as well. 

Exercises are the first and foremost thing you should conduct to strengthen your core. Without strengthening your core muscles, you will never be able to prevent the lower back pain. Hence, get yourself motivated and include the exercises mentioned above and perform the daily to get the best result.