Alcohol Testing Devices Like Soberlink Might Be Beneficial In Child Custody Cases


When there are children involved, it may be very harmful to not have a good handle on one’s alcohol use. As a result, dealing with allegations of alcoholism throughout the process of negotiating child custody arrangements is not uncommon. The problem is that such allegations might be difficult to verify and respond to effectively. These issues may be solved with the help of Soberlink’s cutting-edge technology.

Benefits to the monitored client

Rehabilitative rather than retributive alcohol monitoring is supported by Soberlink’s gadgets. It is widely accepted that alcohol abuse is prevalent and may be effectively handled with the correct tools. By using Soberlink’s alcohol testing gadget, parents may show their adherence to sobriety seven days a week or merely during parenting time without fear of being punished.

Benefits to the party in question

Co-parenting arrangements should be questioned if a parent has a history of drinking. Concerned parents’ greatest fear, on the other hand, is the degree of ambiguity around alcohol usage. What will happen if the monitored parent drinks while the kid is in their care? Can they rely on the other parent to offer a safe atmosphere on a regular basis?

Because it eliminates all of the guessing, Soberlink is a welcome relief to worried parents. Monitored Clients may submit test results remotely to help with this. In order to accommodate scheduling options regarding when and how frequently to report these findings, Soberlink offers two program plans. Testing may be done on a daily basis, as well as over the course of a parenting plan.

Considering the child’s best interests

After a divorce, it is in the best interest of a kid to spend time with both parents. A co-parenting arrangement may not be practical; however, if a parent’s alcoholism threatens the health and safety of their children. Neither of the two options presented here appears really appealing at this time.

Soberlink reviews help bridge the gap between a child’s best interests and the interests of each parent by providing a record of a parent’s alcohol use. Sobriety testing may keep a kid safe, a concerned party happy, and a vulnerable parent-child connection intact if done quickly and efficiently.

Soberlink in the Modern Age of Change

COVID-19’s impact on sobriety testing and custody arrangements should be taken into consideration during these unsettled times. Many aspects of daily life have already been affected by the current coronavirus epidemic. Schools and childcare facilities around the nation are still shuttered, which has had an effect on children. As companies have closed and telecommuting has become the norm, parents’ schedules have also changed.

Parental custody negotiations may benefit from Soberlink’s remote testing capabilities more than ever before. Parental monitoring with Soberlink eliminates the need for parents to go to a testing facility or wait for the results of a lab test. Tests will be unaffected while also protecting customers and their families from unnecessary danger. Despite the absence of the coronavirus, Soberlink will continue to provide remote capabilities and flexible test scheduling choices to maintain sobriety testing fast and simple for its customers.

It’s also worth noting that Soberlink provides customers with free in-home setup and technical assistance so they can get the most out of their gadgets right now. Activating and using a gadget while maintaining social distance standards is made easier with these services.

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