Why Do People Choose Fertility Massage to Help Them Conceive?


Fertility massage is intended to reduce stress while boosting blood circulation to the reproductive system. It is part of our suggestions for enhancing male and female fertility, whether attempting naturally or through a variety of therapies such as IVF, IUI, IVF with ICSI, Egg Freezing, INVOcell, or others. The massage consists of deep abdominal massage, cranial decompressions, toxin cleaning, and foot reflexology. We also work on the structural alignment of the body and pelvic region. The strategies used in fertility massage help in the decrease of adhesions as well as the augmentation of blood circulation and cerebral spinal fluid mobility.

Consider dragging a garden hose across the backyard to water the garden. If the hose becomes kinked, the powerful current of water is lessened. Thus, the water supply will be limited, and the garden would not receive sufficient liquid to thrive. Consider what happens to your internal organs when the left hip is higher than the right: compression, reduced blood flow, and the onset of adhesions and malfunction.

Complementing Medical Treatments

The purpose of fertility massage isn’t to be an alternative for medical procedures, although, it can be performed alone or to complement medical fertility procedures.

Benefits of Fertility Massage:

Whatever your place is in a fertility journey, getting a fertility massage would be highly beneficial for your general mental and physical health!

Physical Health Benefits of Fertility Massage

Boosted Blood Circulation and Movement Through the Pelvis: Exceptional techniques performed on your pelvic region enable your ligaments and muscles to relax and loosen so that your pelvis can move more freely.

Disintegrate Adhesions in Abdominal Region: Adhesions can be produced by past traumas or injuries, and our massage methods can assist in lessening them, especially around your reproductive system.

Balance Hormones: Massage has been shown to have hormonal advantages, notably increasing feel-good hormones and decreasing stress chemicals.

Activate Endocrine and Reproductive System Via Focused Reflexology: We will activate your endocrine and reproductive systems by stimulating certain spots in your foot and ankle.

Mental Health Benefits of Fertility Massage

Stress Reduction: Stress has a significant influence on our health, including our reproductive health. Having any sort of massage has been shown to help alleviate stress.

Deep Relaxation: How frequently do you truly unwind? Our modern lifestyles provide little space for us to simply be in the now and take deep breaths without stressing about what comes next.

Education Benefits of Fertility Massage

Better Understanding of Body: We take the time before, during, and after every massage treatment to thoroughly chat with you about what you notice and experience in your body. After a session, you may find something new within your body that you were previously unaware of!

Increase Knowledge About Your Menstrual Cycle: We discuss your menstrual cycle with you specifically in our initial appointment, but also in the following sessions. We assist you in learning the symptoms of ovulation as well as the onset of your menstruation so that you could understand when conception is possible and when it is not!

How Often Do I Need To Get Massaged?

If you have a long-standing condition, you may require many treatments over time. At your initial session, it is ideal to develop a plan of care with the fertility specialist.


Fertility massage is a set of massage methods intended to improve reproductive health and increase fertility chances. This approach was developed to help supply families with natural techniques to apply to the body’s reproduction organs to aid with conception. Fertility massage is a highly effective and inexpensive technique to naturally increase your reproductive and help lessen the consequences of fertility disorders on your body.