Quick Back Exercises You Can Try At Your Workspace  


Working in a desk job for 40 hours a week or more does sound strenuous. Sedentary desk jobs are not only mentally challenging, but they bring their share of cons to your health.

You need to be aware of the impact of continuous desk jobs on your health. Instead of exhausting yourself and increasing the stress levels, you can start thinking about back exercises.

There are plenty of back exercises that you can try at your desk during the work breaks.   

But what are the benefits of these exercises?

  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Help calm stress
  • Improve posture
  • Increase blood circulation and more

Exercises That You Can Try At Your Work Breaks

These exercises are easy to perform at your desk or cubicle. You don’t need a yoga mat or jogging shoes; all you need is a little time off your schedule.

Neck Tension

The foremost thing to do is relieve the tension from your neck region. Simply drop your chin and roll your head around both ways. Stretch your arms to left and right by pressing the elbow with the other hand.


Wrist Stretches

It is particularly great for people who work on laptops or PCs for hours. They use their wrists a lot that need a break. For this, you need to stretch your palms and stretch your arms. Now press your palms together and shake hands to remove the tensions. You can use water bottle weights for wrist curls.


High Knees

A little cardio at your workplace will not get your boss angry. Instead, you should start this ritual at your office. It is a simple yet effective exercise where you need to run in the same place. Make sure to bring your knees high to your waistline. You can tap your knees on your palms.

Seated Leg Raises

Don’t worry if you skipped your leg day. This exercise can compensate for everything. It is an ideal leg and abdominal exercise that you can even do during a conference call. Sit upright on a chair, keep your left leg straight parallel to the floor and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat the steps with your right leg.

Chair dips

All you need is an office chair that does not have rolling wheels. Scot up at the front edge of the chair, keep your legs out in front and place your hands on either side. Now grasp the edges of the chair with your hands and raise your body off the chair using your core. Move up and down doing 3-5 dips.

The Bottom Line

Exhausting your body too much at your workspace will only result in degrading your productivity and quality of work. Why gamble with your profession when you can find quick solutions to keep up with your health?

With the right exercises, you can ensure that your health is not impacted with a regular sitting job. Take little breaks from your work at regular intervals and try these exercises.

With regular exercising, you can start witnessing improvement in your posture, muscle strength and stress levels.