Weight Loss

What are Gastric Balloon Procedures?


Let’s first talk about the procedure. What is the Gastric Balloon surgery?

For starters, what is a Gastric Balloon? It is a structure that is put in the abdomen. This is done by using an endoscope. Theendoscope goes in through the mouth and then places the balloon inside the stomach. This balloon is full of a saline fluid. After it is filled with around 700 ml, it is also mixed with blue dye. This can be quite uncomfortable but the advancement of medical sure ensures that it is painless and is more or less a one-day procedure. This is kept in your body for 6 months, and regular diet is used for treatment.

This is basically the gastric balloon surgery. If you stay in Mexico and are interested in gastric balloon in Mexico, then read more to know some more about it.

Does this result in weight loss?

After the balloon are been inserted in the body, the patient is treated in a one on one manner, according to their requirements. These treatments are given by psychologists, physiologists, dieticians and other medical professionals.  The balloon weight loss surgery is a valid part of today’s medical science.

This process can be quite rigorous. It often involves fast weight loss. It mostly happens in the first three months of the entire procedure. It is important that you have discipline over your life strictly follow your professional’s advice.

There will be multiple changes in your routine, especially your food. If you can follow these till much after your treatment, it would be much better for a continued healthy life. More importantly, for a long-lasting result it is important that you incorporate these changes in your life for a longer run. A gastric balloon procedure is a big commitment and it is important you do not leave it.

Is it something you should choose?

For a lot of people, a weight loss plan can be to just follow diet and/or exercise. It is important that you consider these options too, as gastric balloon can often be too radical. It is important to consult medical professionals. This is a personal choice and has to be taken with consideration, hence take a look at your medical history and then consider all the options.

This should help you to go ahead with gastric balloon in Mexico and make a well-read decision regarding the procedure if you stay in this destination.