Myotherapy Melbourne – A New Type Of Physical Therapy For Curing Chronic Body Pain


Physical therapy is an important treatment for many people that experience chronic pain in their different body tissues and parts. Myotherapy Melbourne is helping so many people get rid of body pains and bring their lives back to normal. But what is Myotherapy? In this post, we’ll answer this for you and tell you more about this subject.

Myotherapy Melbourne – What’s Myotherapy?

Generally, the body of a human is more complicated than we may imagine. It takes a nature’s miracle for our bodies to be flexible enough to respond to the many tasks that well call upon them to do. However, sometimes things aren’t the same and our bodies experience some issues that we may not really understand.

Sometimes, the issues that we may be having that are causing our bodies to ache aren’t always what they seem. A lot of people throughout the world experience chronic pains, including pain in their upper legs or headaches.

People experiencing these kinds of conditions may likely have been to different types of therapies in a bid to eliminate the pain from their bodies. But despite their efforts, they keep on waking up every morning with the same old discomforts and aches.

If you’re one of these people, don’t worry because there’s hope for your recovery. There’s a different type of physical therapy referred to as Myotherapy that may provide you with a more comprehensive solution. Myotherapy works on the idea that your nervous system has many points all over the body that can activate pain elsewhere, even when you’re not aware of what’s happening.

For example, headaches usually happen as a result of tension that accumulates in the muscles on your back. As your muscles become tense, they exert pressure on important parts of the nervous system. In return, that can cause a painful reaction somewhere else in the body.

The Study of Myotherapy

Almost every major section of the human body that people experience chronic pain has one of these ‘activator points’ that can bring about such reactions situated in an entirely different part of your body. The study of Myotherapy is focused more on diagnosing those major body sections.

Does that confuse you? Well, if it does, just know that you’re likely not alone. It’s a reality that severe levels of pain can be a result of something happening in some sections of their body. For that, many people have trouble resolving issues of chronic body pains.

Sometimes, you may think that just because it’s your shoulder that hurt every day, the issues must be somewhere in the shoulders themselves. You may have different professionals run all the tests there is but fail to find any problem.

What Myotherapy Actual Does

A professional in Myotherapy can follow the source of your pain back to what triggered it. The professional will be able to know whether or not it’s the tissues surrounding the nerves in that area that require treatment instead of the part that the patient says they are experiencing pain and discomfort.

Once the exact cause of your pain is pinpointed, treatment can proceed the same way that other types of physical therapies might have done. The therapist may recommend ways of improving flexibility and strength in the section surrounding the ‘activator point’ that they found. With time, your muscles will begin to relax and by then, any chronic pain you may have been experiencing will most probably have reduced significantly.


Myotherapy Melbourne is truly a unique kind of physical therapy that’s focused on identifying the root cause of chronic body pain and then applying appropriate physical therapy treatments. It has saved a lot of people from never-ending body pains and helped them to get back to their normal lives. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Receive the right kind of treatment from the right professional and get your life in order.