Losing Weight Properly at Ido Fishman gym


Maintaining a fit and trim body is always a priority. The fast pace of modern civilization has gifted the mankind with many comforts but has also brought in its wake a host of diseases. One of the fruits of the present day lifestyle is obesity. While a part of the world is fighting malnutrition, another part is steeped in luxury and worldly comfort. It does not matter which part of the world we belong to, we must always remember that our body is a gift of God and is designed by the Master Craftsman to perfection. Therefore, we must keep it fit and trim without indulging in excesses in order to contribute to the uplift of ourselves, our family and society at large.

Losing Weight – Breaking the Myth

It is often assumed that the only route to lose weight is eating less. While it may sound true, there is more to it than meets the eye.  Undergoing rigorous diet schedules makes the body starve on calories. However, in order to keep the biological machine going, the body draws on its reserves to satisfy its demand for fuel. In the process, you tend to lose not only the stored fat, but also some of your muscle. Hence, merely cutting down on calories may help in reducing the weight but can also make you lose your fitness.

Losing Fat Not Muscle

Our objective, therefore, should be not to lose weight, but to shed the extra layers of fat at unwanted places to look trim and be healthy. In reality muscles contribute more to the body weight than fat. As such, drastic loss of weight will almost certainly mean that you are losing muscles by adopting too restrictive dieting practices, which tends to reduce the calorie intake more than the body consumes  Statistics have shown that about 25% of weight loss is due to loss of muscles while people are losing weight. Losing weight too fast also reduces metabolic rate and is detrimental to general health.

Identifying the Goal

A proper fitness plan will, therefore, constitute a balanced approach. The main objective will be to keep the body trim and healthy.  In the beginning one may observe a loss in weight as the body fat is shed off. However, as one progresses and muscle tissues take shape, the net effect may not be significant.  You may feel that you are wasting your time and money because you are not losing weight fast enough, whereas, in reality, your body is becoming healthier by building up muscles.

Obviously, each person is made differently. Therefore, any fitness program will have to be designed to suit the individual. The points to be considered should be improvement in body composition, metabolic rate and general fitness rather than merely loss of weight. Have Homefitness treadmills and get in shape soon.

Choosing a good gym

Losing weight and keeping fit is not a short time business. It must be undertaken seriously. People who have tried to lose weight on their own have realized the amount of perseverance and will power necessary to go through the process. In most cases people fail to maintain the schedule and get back to their comfort zone.

Ido Fishman Fit is a well-equipped fitness center in London, which provides personalized services to people who want to stay fit and maintain a trim body.  It has a team of highly skilled professional trainers. At Ido Fishman, a new entrant to the program is thoroughly assessed and a comprehensive fitness program is designed to suit his/her specific goals. The trainers at Ido Fishman works with individual members to keep them motivated and encourage them to strive harder to come out of their comfort zone.

Exercise helps to lose weight

There are several exercises that can help a person to lose weight

Cardio Exercises

Aerobic exercises, popularly known as cardio, are probably the most effective exercises to lose weight. The science behind this is simple.  Aerobic exercise actually helps to stay healthy burn calories, which results in losing the fat in your body.  However, these exercises should be combined with muscle building exercises so that muscles are not lost in the process. Generally aerobic exercise consists of swimming, cycling, running etc. However, Ido Fishman has a wide range of modern aerobic equipment, like treadmills, rowing machine, indoor cycling bikes etc.

In order to investigate the effect of cardio exercises on weight loss, a study was conducted with 141 obese ladies divided in to three groups for a period of 10 months.

GROUP 1 – Burn 400 calories doing cardio, 5 days a week

GROUP 2- Burn 600 calories doing cardio, 5 days a week

GROUP 3- No exercise at all


Group 1 – Lost 4.3% of body weight

Group 2 – Lost more than 5.7% of body weight

Group 3 – gained 0.5% of body weight

Hence, cardio has direct relationship to weight loss. Studies also reveal that belly fat can be reduced with the help of cardio.

Resistance Training:

Studies have shown that due to lack of activity, people can lose 3-8% of their muscle mass within a 10-year period. Keeping fit in the long-term will, therefore require adequate amount of muscle toning and building exercises.  Resistance training, such as weight lifting, helps to increase muscle strength and mass.  Higher muscle mass results in increased metabolism rate and assist in burning calorie throughout the day.  Another study on 48 overweight women showed that weightlifting helped them maintain their muscle strength and mass, while they also lost weight.

The fitness Centre at Ido Fishman has a range of modern resistance equipment like squats, dead lifts, straight-leg dead lifts etc. so that the customer can have a satisfying experience of performing the exercises

Fitness and Losing Weight -A Balanced Approach 

People with a goal to lose weight by shedding the extra fat as well be a proud owner of a fit body will definitely find Ido Fishman meeting their requirement. Their trainers’designs the fitness plan with a balanced approach so that the client can meet their goal of losing weight and achieve overall long lasting fitness.