How Ultrasound imaging gives you the greatest joy of your life


The greatest joy for a mother – Giving life to Life!!!

It is indeed very rewarding for a woman to give life to another life.  Just to see the child grow inside her and seeing the pictures of the baby’s development is something that is like magic.  Sonography helps in keeping track of the development of the child.  Photographs are memoirs that last for a lifetime and it is truly gratifying for the mother to see those pictures of baby inside her womb.  Every movement of the baby is captured wonderfully and this feeling only a mother can enjoy and feel.  It is all about the feeling.

Only a mother would be able to see those pictures and can compare the growth of the child by viewing these baby pictures.  For every pregnant mother, the fetal development is something that is of greatest worry.  The questions that comes to the mind of the mother varies from how the baby would look, the colour of the eyes, the kind of eyes, her physical features and the other developments to the child during those crucial months.  Hence, the need of a pregnancy calendar which is of great help during these months and to also monitor the varied changes that happen inside her womb.

Importance of pregnancy calendar

The calendar is truly helpful especially when the Pregnancy Ultrasound Perth calendar with the right baby pictures are displayed which in turn helps the mother to perceive the varied bodily changes. The setbacks, the fears and her pains are washed away once she is able to view her baby pictures. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful and a beautiful feeling that happens within her? Those moments of joy, pain, anxiety, fear as well as happiness is unparalleled. 

What happens in the first month and the first trimester?  The major moments happen in the most crucial one as many developments in the baby happen during this period.  This trimester shows how the embryo which is a two layered cell develops and forms.  The fetal development takes place and it is an indication of the embryonic layers within.  In the second month, the baby grows to the size of a kidney bean and there are movements.  The next 36 weeks of 3d Ultrasound Perth shows a clear picture of the baby’s fingers and in total the child is about three inches in height.

Other life changes

A pregnant mother is able to see other changes varying from the lungs to eyebrows to the eyelids growth.  All these totally are bliss and joy to the mother and she is thrilled to see her baby pictures.  When the mother is able to see her child pictures, she is also able to work more fruitfully on developing the child’s health and overall development.  It will help her contribute in a better fashion towards not only the physical aspect but also the mental aspect.  The bliss of seeing the child bloom just from a seed to growing arms, legs, fingers and eyes is heavenly for every woman.

The development of the foetus when documented well and when the baby pictures are viewed helps in washing away any sort of doubt and fear of the mother.  These photos provide the right updates on the growth and development of the infant inside the mother. 


Last but not the least, we can only reiterate that this phase of life or journey of motherhood is one of the most relishing and reliving moments of a woman’s life and when these moments are aptly captured by means of a photograph, it is truly enriching.  The mother gets immense joy when she sees those tiny tiny and cute little fingers moving inside her womb.  She is able to keep also a track of those joyful moments of sheer happiness.