How Does Fractional Radiofrequency Rejuvenate Your Skin?


This technique of Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling is a very revolutionary and advanced technology to treat anti-aging effects on your skin and help it return to its youthful state. It is very effective when you opt to tighten your skin and try removing wrinkles and fine lines across your eyes, cheeks, and your mouth. Your stretch marks, pore sizes, and your acne scars are also lessened remarkably.

How Does It Work?

This RF technique punctures your skin with ultrafine needles and delivers energy. Once the skin heals from the scars and the wounds, it witnesses a rise in collagen production. This helps in making your skin appear firmer and youthful. Disposable microscopic needles of 10 or 25 tips are attached to the handpiece of the RF device. There are various predetermined depths at which your skin’s surface is punctured. These needles help to deliver the RF with precision into the deep skin areas. This controlled application helps to not over-heat or burn the areas. The benefit of this technique is to raise the energy that would reach the collagen fibres present in your mid-level dermis. This energy will reach the underlying support system of your skin and restructure the damages caused by the aging. The top layer of the skin, as a layer, appears more polished and smooth with the effects lasting longer than usual.

What are the Benefits?

This is a technique that aims to maximise the results and reduce downtime. The treatment percentage is entirely adjusted according to the requirement of the patients. The entire area is not treated at once. That would lead the recovery time to increase in havoc with the risks of infection post the treatment rising increasingly. To avoid any complication, fractional portions are marked out for injection. This helps the skin to recover quite earlier and this series of the treatment targets one cell at least once.

Why choose RF Technologies?

There are other resurfacing treatments available too but there are plenty of reasons why choosing the RF methods will be helpful to you:

  • They are a better alternative to abrasive laser procedures.
  • There are lower risks of hyperpigmentation.
  • Besides collagen, they also promote elastin formation.
  • The recovery time is low too.
  • There is lower damage to the skin.

The specialists at Clinicare take out considerable time to understand your skin’s condition and requirements. Only then do they conduct the RF treatments under controlled guidance and application to make it a success.