How Can You Achieve A V-Shaped Face – The Wonders of Face Slimming


If you are a K-Pop fan, you would be a fan of IU, Dara, and Park Shin Hye and their V-shaped face. The V-shaped face is all about a pointed chin and a sharp jawline which delivers a feminine and youthful silhouette. However, if you don’t have a natural V-shaped face, you can opt for face slimming treatments, so are you ready to find out the details?

HIFU Treatment

To begin with, this is the high-intensity focused ultrasound and is the non-surgical treatment that’s promised to lift the skin on the face and tighten up the skin. HIFU treatment is all about delivering energy under the skin. It impacts three dermis and superficial layers of skin (it also impacts SMAS skin, by the way). HIFU treatment heats the tissue through thermal energy which results in tightened skin.

In addition, it produces collagen which creates a high-end tightening effect, hence the face slimming and tightening experience. It penetrates ultrasound energy to the subcutaneous skin that can renew collagen production through stimulation. As a result, it will reduce the sagging and improve the texture of your skin.

With HIFU treatment, the tiny coagulation points are penetrated into different skin depths for developing the neo-collagenases cascade. The focused energy will bypass the upper skin layer (nope, the upper layer of your skin isn’t disturbed at all). The best thing about HIFU treatment is that there is no downtime (it helps achieve the facelifting results).

The best thing about HIFU treatment is that it’s suitable for different skin colors. The HIFU depth ranges from 1.5mm to 16mm which produces collagen into the SMAS layer. The SMAS layer is actually a target during face lifting treatment. There is hardly any downtime which means you can apply makeup right away and go on with your everyday life.

HIFU treatment creates a healing effect on collagen fibers and dermal collagen, and the results range from twelve to twenty-four months. In addition to face lifting, HIFU treatment also helps with skin tightening, lifting, wrinkle removal, and smoothens sagging. It is suitable for the neck and body and makes an apt choice for different skin types.

Chin Sculpting

The V-shaped face is all about a sculpted and narrow chin with a sharp jawline. For achieving this look, you can opt for chin liposuction for the development of definition around the lower jaw. As a result, it will outline the weak chin.

Chin Augmentation

To begin with, this is the surgical process which is all about placing the small and synthetic implants into the chin for creating definition in the lower face area and creates a fulling appearance. There are different sizes and shapes available which means you can customize the facial features. In addition, the incisions are placed in the chin’s underside and mouth. There are chances of minimal scarring but it will go away. The chin augmentation process is widely available at cosmetic clinics.

Chin Liposuction

Face slimming can be achieved by liposuction of the chin area. However, it’s only suitable for people who have elasticated skin and have submental fat below the jawline. In addition, the treatment includes small incisions for inserting a cannula into fat deposits. On top of everything, there is hardly any downtime with this treatment.

Cheek Fullness

In addition to defining the chin and jawline, you can also add fullness to the cheeks for improving the V-shaped face. The cheek fullness can be achieved by using cheeks impacts through dermal fillers (the fillers are injectable, by the way) and will add volume to your midface area.