Do You Know How Substance Abuse is Treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?


When a person is highly addicted to substance abuse then there is always a possibility of developing mental disorder. Their thinking pattern may totally change and also their priority becomes quite different.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy which is popularly known as CBT is meant for addressing all such issues. You can take your loved one to Temecula Valley treatment center who can provide an excellent CBT for any addicted person developing various mental issues.

What Is CBT?

CBT is in fact a combination of 2 different therapeutic approaches, which are:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Behavioral therapy

In case of psychotherapy, the therapy is mostly based on interaction between the psychiatric and the addicted person, where a rapport is developed between the two. The therapist will then use his bonding with the patient to promote healing of the patient and help him learning about healthy behaviors. 

As against psychoanalysis that mainly focuses on the past, CBT is actually a problem-oriented strategy that helps a person to look at his dysfunctional patterns in their present life. Although the past events are not completely ignored, but the focus is mainly on helping the person to recognize and make changes in following that are damaging his life:

  • Behavior 
  • Emotional reactions
  • Current thoughts

Various empirical evidences that have been found so far, indicates that this kind of cognitive therapy has got the potential to treat very effectively for addiction due to either alcohol or any other kind of disorders due to substance use.

Particularly it includes those patients who are adult and have various kinds of mood disorders, as well as those who are in adolescent age. 

However, scope for improvements in all such treatment approaches do exist, most notably through alliance-enhancement strategies which may improve the retention in treatment, as well as more routine incorporation of various stereo type treatments.