Dental X-Rays – Everything That You Need To Know About the Procedure


There will be an instance where your dentist will require you to have a dental x-ray. If you have this request, it is vital that you fully understand the procedure and why you need it. Dentists would typically explain what this is for but for a better understanding, let us go ahead and see what dental x-rays offered at the interventional radiology Australia, is all about.

What Are Dental X-Rays?

Dental radiographs or X-rays are the images of your teeth. And this is used by your dentist to help evaluate your oral health. Some people are scared when they hear ‘x-rays’ because of the radiation. But with dental x-rays, it uses very low levels of radiation to capture the image of what’s inside your teeth and gums. Through this imaging, the dentist would be able to quickly identify problems such as tooth decay, cavities, and even with impacted teeth.

Dental X-Rays – Why Do You Need It?

For most, dental x-rays are done every year. But it can be more frequent for the others, especially to those with dental problems or treatments that need tracking. Different factors can affect the frequency of dental x-rays. And this includes the age of the patient, oral health status, oral disease, tooth decay, and if they have any history of gum disease.


For new patients, dentists would usually require you to have a dental x-ray for them to understand the status of your dental health. Children would also need dental x-rays more frequently because the growth of their developing teeth needs to be monitored. The dentist needs the x-rays to determine if their baby teeth need to be pulled out to avoid any complications.

Preparing for a Dental X-Ray

So if your dentist requested for you to have a dental x-ray, how can you prepare yourself before the procedure? One of the most important things that you would need to do before going to your dental x-ray appointment is to brush your teeth thoroughly. Doing so will make it more hygienic for the technician who is working inside your mouth.


Once you are at the dentists’ clinic, you will have to sit in a chair. You will have a lead vest across your chest and lap. Then the x-ray machine will be positioned in a way that it can efficiently record the images inside your mouth.

Dental X-Ray Results

These days, digital x-rays are being used, which is why images are almost instantly produced. Once the images are ready, your dentist will receive them. It will be checked for any abnormalities. And if your dentist discovers any problem, whether it’s tooth decay or cavities, they will discuss with you the treatment options available. And if there are no problems, then you are good to go. You did a great job taking care of your oral health!


Taking care of your oral health is extremely important. And this is why brushing, flossing, having dental x-rays done are crucial parts of the process. So make sure that you commit to your responsibilities. For more efficient results, make sure that you find reliable interventional radiology services in Australia.


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