All You Need To Know About Vape Tanks


Wandering in the web world, you will get uncountable facts and knowledge. But, when you are practically switching to vaping from smoking, it is important to know every corner of the vaping world. Taking a vaping mod in hand, vapers often find it difficult to choose the appropriate vape tank that pairs. So, this basic guide will help you uncover the answers to your questions.

Vaping tanks

Tanks are available in different shapes. The styles and configurations also vary depending on the shape. The best suitability depends on three factors. Here, you need to know about:

  1. Your preferred vaping style
  2. Your preferred E-liquid
  3. Your preferred nicotine strength

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DTL and MTL Vaping

If you are reading this article, you are probably not aware of these abbreviations. These notify the key differences between the styles of the tanks. Most tanks available in the market are equipped with these styles, and few are there that support both. The differences in the styles are solely based on the type of draw produced. Therefore, you need to understand which type is more appealing to you.

DTL Tanks

DTL is the abbreviation of Direct-to-lung tanks. The draw of these tanks is airy and loose. Therefore, the vapor goes directly to the lungs. Thus, the concept of “taking back” doesn’t suit here. The vapor sits on the mouth before inhaling deeply at a single go. DTL tanks come with a wider mouthpiece to maximize the airflow. Some tanks may have an airflow control ring attached at the base. This allows fine-tuning the required draw. Inhaling requires a higher amount of power to produce a larger volume of vapor. There are different types of excellent flavors available. Shortfill and 70/30 E liquids are best suited with DTL tanks as they have low nicotine strength.

MTL Tanks

MTL Tanks are the short form of Mouth-to-lung tanks. These tanks suit vapers who prefer tighter and restricted draw. The vapor is pulled inside the mouth and then inhaled. These are similar to smoking a cigarette. It gives the familiar experience of conventional smoking. These are usually popular within new vapers. MTL tanks come with a narrow and thin mouthpiece. The tanks are designed to restrict huge airflow. Like their counterpart, these tanks, too, have an airflow controller at the base. Inhaling requires a lower amount of power. MTL tanks pair best with Nic Salt or 50/50 E-liquid, which have medium to high nicotine strength.

Standard vape tanks

Standard vapes are most commonly used and are easy to use. These tanks come with disposable coils that can be replaced with a new one. The coils burn out; they are easy to replace and install. These tanks support a plug-and-play option when it comes to vaping. Both DTL and MTL tank styles are available with standard tanks. These tanks are best suited to a number of e-liquid, including vampire vape flavors.