Advantages of drinking alkaline water


Requests for clarification on “hydrogen water”, which is also marketed as “diatomic water” or “nascent hydrogen water”, continue to arrive at our Association. This short post will dispel some myths about this water, which are often proposed in various commercial channels as an elixir of health and well-being for those who drink it.

What are the benefits for those taking hydrogen water? Many manufacturers of these water dispensers, a ‘ view shared by some members of fitness and nutrition, offering this particular water into their websites by listing the virtues and benefits especially for people involved in physical activity.

How is hydrogen water produced?

There are devices, similar to traditional treatment systems for water from the sink, which exploit the principle of electrolysis to produce hydrogen. A similar procedure is carried out with special bottles equipped with electrodes and powered by a battery.

Some considerations on this:

The concentration of the dissolved hydrogen in the enriched water is about 1 mg / L (the saturation concentration at room temperature is 1.6 mg / L), which is extremely modest.

The health claims that have become widespread on the net come from those who produce and market these devices.

Most of the recent scientific studies have been carried out by Japanese researchers (this technology was born in Japan) to test the effects of hydrogen gas on rats, while a smaller number of researches have highlighted therapeutic and preventive effects on the human body in different clinical cases.

There are no tests conducted on a healthy subject that demonstrate the vaunted effects and advantages over normal drinking water.

The best technologies to produce hydrogen water have been developed in China, Japan and South Korea, where, for millenary traditions, there has always been greater attention and awareness about the importance of water for health. And it is precisely in these areas that the most important innovations for the production of hydrogenated water were gradually created in the mid-1900s.

What is it?

Hydrogenated water is a ‘water enriched with hydrogen, obtained by means of the process electrolysis’, which enhances the hydrogen that is already present in it. Electrolysis (passing an electric current through water) is the most cost-effective method of delivering molecular hydrogen to water easily and safely.

Electrolysis splits the H2O (water) molecule into its atoms (O2 and H2) and removes them. The benefits of hydrogen water come from the molecular hydrogen (H2) it has dissolved. For this to be possible, the equipment must be equipped with PEM-SPE technology.


Some benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water are:

  • The increase of physical energy and the reduction of physical fatigue.
  • Skin improvement, especially for those with atopic skin.
  • Decreased oxidation at the cellular level
  • Elimination of free radicals, the cause of ageing
  • Anti-inflammatory effects

A good water hydrogen generator varies the ORP level of the water, going from positive (which is oxidizing) to negative (which is antioxidant). Consuming hydrogen-enriched water produces great health benefits because it is an antioxidant source for the cells of the human body.