How to stay fit with a crazy working schedule


Todays youth is career-oriented and often tends to overlook health in the quest of achieving professional success. Prolonged working hours have a significant impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological health. This takes a toll on your health and also affects your performance adversely. Many organizations are also concerned about the well being of their valued employees and invest in the key man insurance policy to safeguard the losses they might incur due to the loss of such employees. Longer working hours are increasingly affecting the health of an increasing number of people every day. However, you can take some simple steps to ensure good health while maintaining your crazy work schedule.

  • Never say no to breakfast

The biggest mistake working people always do is to skip breakfast. Your dinner and breakfast are the only meals that are parted with the large time gap. Skipping breakfast further extends this gap. This leads to dullness and tiredness with little work and will keep you irritable the whole day. In fact, breakfast is a golden opportunity to load yourself with nutrients. You should include enough protein, healthy carbohydrates, and calories that will keep you energetic all day long. Keep your breakfast heavy enough to fuel you for long hours.

  • Look for healthy munching options

For people who work for several hours constantly, munching is inevitable. It is a way to satiate your body-needs. You should look for healthy options for munching based on your health goals. If you aim at losing weight, opt for low calory and low sugar snacks. You can pick a protein shake to satisfy yourself if you are trying to build muscles.

  • Find opportunities to give your body some action

Staying active is important and it does not require to put any extra effort to do so. Find and grab opportunities whenever and wherever possible. You can choose to take the stairs and avoid the lift. Ditch a cab for a short distance and take a walk. You can also take a file to the other desk or office by yourself instead of asking the office boy. This will give a chance to keep your body moving and your joints will be stretched every now and then.

  • Distance from liquid calories

Sugar-laden juices, coffee, and tea are often constant companions of the office staff. The best thing is to replace them with water or green tea. You can also choose sugar-free organic juices to treat yourself with some variety. Make sure that you avoid processed sugar and have minimum caffeine.

  • Do not take on starving diets

Often health-conscious working people fall prey to starving diet plans which lead to malnutrition, tiredness, and several other health issues. Remember you do not have to quit eating to stay healthy but need to watch on your calories. Such diets can have a worse effect on your overall health and can cause detrimental health problems. Instead of dieting make some mindful choices for long-term health.

  • Give yourself a daily dose of peaceful sleep

No matter how hard and long you work during day time, make sure that you have a peaceful sleep at night. Avoid late-night parties on working days and on Sundays. Under any circumstance, try to get eight-hour sleep at the least and let your body and mind heal and get ready for the next day.