A Few Effective Solutions For Hair Loss


The hair loss is mostly hereditary. Male-pattern baldness hair issue in most guys is caused by a genetic trait that comes to their parents. Some drugs, too much vitamin A, or inadequate calcium are other causes of hair loss. Disease or stress can lead to sudden, heavy hair falling known as telogen effluvium. However, there is good news: the hair loss that is often found in males can be reversed. There are many solutions for thinning hair like supplements, medications, PRP Hair Restoration Toronto and hair transplant surgery.

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine)

There’s no cure for male pattern baldness, but it can be slowed down by some medicines. The FDA-approved and over the counter therapy is Minoxidil (Rogaine) that is applied to your scalp. It reduces the hair loss rate and allows some people to grow new hair. But, once the usage is stopped, hair loss will come back.

  • Finasteride (Propecia or Proscar)

This medication slows down the DHT assembly line of your body. Some males are unable to grow new hair during its usage. Most practitioners believe it gives better results than Minoxidil. Pregnant women should not touch the medication as baby boys can suffer from birth defects. It can also influence a man’s libido in some situations, so before using the medication it is important to talk to Dr. Torgerson. It works as long as you use it.

  • Wear a Hairpiece

Choosing a hairpiece or a perfect wig for you is quite a headache as choosing the right one is not that much easy as it seems. Hairpieces and wigs are come at different costs and in a wide range. Moreover, hairpieces also require regular upkeep, ranging from $60 to $300 a month. Try to match hair color, thickness, and curl or wave of your own, while shopping for one.

  • Be Happy!

Style your hair in a way that makes hair loss stand out less. Cut thin, short hair so that a comb-over your thinning area can be avoided. Many shampoos, conditions, and styling products can add volume to your hair. Eat an equilibrated diet and gently handle your hair.

  • Always Stay Positive

Positivity always worth whether you are in a bad situation or left with half hair in your head. Consider all the alternatives that help you to get a full head of hair or consult a hair surgeon to talk about what hair transplant could achieve for you. It’s all right to seek help from others. Think of bald men or people with shaved heads that ooze confidence like Rock, Vin Diesel and Pitbull if you need a little inspiration.