Basketball ankle injury: 5 key movements to improve your ankle pain


It is quite natural for one to suffer a sprained ankle, from playing sports such as basketball, with a wrong step; an unexpected stumble can lead to an ankle sprain. Recovering from an ankle sprain is not something that should be left lightly. The journey to recovery during the recovery may not take effect if you do not carry out a series of guidelines and recommended exercises that can aid in recuperation. A full recovery aside from ending the pain can make it more difficult to suffer another sprain. In this article, we will review the exercises and recovery activities you need to bounce back on your feet after sustaining an ankle injury, especially during a basketball game.


Range of Motion

This set of activities will be the first set of activities that you should do after the injury, around 72 hours after it. After performing them, it is acceptable to put ice up to five times each day on the affected foot or ankle. There will be a few essential movements to do:

  • One is to use the big toe to write the letters of the alphabet, multiple times, making the lower leg move every which way.
  • Another is to sit in a seat with your foot level on the floor. At that point for a few minutes, you move your knee from side to favor your foot pushing on the floor.
  • The hard part will be the towel. This comprises of laying a towel on the floor, sitting inverse in a seat and setting your foot on the towel. Then, you should drag it by rolling the towel with your toes. You can also drive the towel away with your fingers and make it progressively troublesome by including weight head of it.


Stretching the Achilles ligament when pain isn’t noticed is essential due to the association it makes to the back lower leg muscles, the lower leg muscles and the heel bone.

  • It should be possible by stretching with a towel. You envelop your metatarsal territory by the towel, plunk down and tenderly lift the towel two to multiple times and hold it up for around 30 seconds. As we have referenced previously, complete the activity as much as the torment permits and don’t drive regardless.
  • You can likewise stretch your calf. To do this, you should incline toward a divider with your arms at head tallness. At that point place the leg you are going to extend behind the other and keep the impact point of your back foot on the ground. At that point flex the knee of the front leg, and you will get the lower leg to extend.


There is no one better than your doctor or a podiatrist in wellington, FL to advise you on the time to start carrying out these exercises. This is usually once you can stand up without pain or swelling of the ankle.

  • The first will consist of sitting with one foot flat on the floor, pushing it out against a stationary object, such as a wall or something heavy for six seconds.
  • Another one that can help is that while you are sitting, you put your feet together on the floor. Then for six seconds, you press the sprained foot inward against the other foot.

Balance and Control

Again, you can get the best advice on when to start these exercises from your doctor. These exercises should be practiced at least once a day.

  • Stand on your sprain foot only while extending your arms to both sides. Balance for as long as you can and gradually increase to the minute.
  • Stand on the injured leg and cross your arms in front of your chest for about a minute.

Along with movements, CBD oils and topicals can also aid in the reduction of inflammation. The stretching exercises should be continued daily even after the injury and its subsequent discomfort. This will reduce the risk of a new sprain.