True Limits for the CBD Packaging Now


Here we discuss in more detail the different categories of packaging and how they are classified by the regulations in force:

Primary Packaging

It is used to distinguish and protect the individual CBD tincture boxes sales units (a package of spaghetti, a jar of jam, etc.). Since primary packaging comes into direct contact with the product, the materials with which they are made are carefully regulated by the regulations in force.

Secondary Packaging

It groups the individual sales units together to make them easier to transport and can be removed without damaging or exposing its contents. Secondary packaging is also used to define multiple packs (water bags, yogurt packs, etc.) and to reduce transport costs.

Tertiary Packaging

Used mainly in logistics, it protects and groups product lots and is removed before sale. American corrugated cardboard boxes, shaped packaging and wooden pallets are considered tertiary cbd packaging boxes packaging. For further information on packaging and packaging, as always, please contact us, our staff will be at your complete disposal.

Importance of Packaging in the CBD Production

Every CBD product manufacturing company should take care to pay the right attention to the aesthetics of the packaging and packaging of its products: those who do not, risk being trivial and not gaining success or interest in what have now become the main communication channels of our time: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The functions of packaging can be summarized as follows:

Logistic functions: containment, protection and conservation, dosage (to be practical and manageable), transport;

Communication functions: identify the product and the brand, attract attention, present or hide the product, inform about the characteristics, create contact and relationship.

Referring to the Custom CBD packaging sector, these functions play a fundamental role since many products sold are toxic, poisonous or in any case dangerous. For these reasons, the level of safety must be carefully monitored, to avoid problems for the consumer in the various moments ranging from purchase, to transport to use and subsequent domestic storage.

Packaging should be understood as one of the characteristics necessary for the production of the composite mix of functional and symbolic benefits sought in the product by the buyer-consumer: in this perspective, the packaging is an indispensable element that completes the value content of the offer, becoming an integral part of the product-system and thus overcoming the purely physical use of the packaging, to which, consequently, only technical-functional values ​​were recognized.

Finally, this material allows a large number of uses; not just the simple box or carton, but a series of other products such as advertising totems, displays, banners and many more.