The Pros and Cons of Delta 8 Pre Rolls


Delta 8 is a type of pre roll that contains 0.08% THC and .018% CBD. These pre rolls are medically recommended for those who want to smoke cannabis without getting high. In simple terms, this low amount of THC makes the effects seem more like a body high than an intense euphoria or cerebral effect due to the psychoactive compound Premium Delta-8 Pre-Rolls.

With such a small amount of cannabinol, there’s no major psychoactive side effects associated with delta 8 pre rolls because it won’t make you lose your train of thought or mind-altering changes in mood or consciousness. However, many people still find delta 8s too herby and not strong enough on their own. Therefore, they mix delta 8s with higher THC strains to produce a pleasant high and enhance their effects.

Delta 8 Pre Rolls – What Are They?

Delta 8 is the name of a strain of cannabis that contains the lowest amount of THC known to man, .08%. This type of marijuana is bred to have THC levels as low as possible so people who are interested in growing large amounts of cannabis (legally) can grow it very easily and use it for medical marijuana patients who do not want to get high. In fact, most of the seeds you get from your dispensaries will have a Delta 8 flower on them. But there’s no telling how potent the plant is until it’s been cultivated, cured and smoked.

The first Delta 8 pre roll was introduced in late-2014, and it has been a popular item for California dispensaries for some time now. It’s a hybrid of an OG Kush and Kosher Kush, which makes it an indica dominant hybrid. It’s very hardy, easy to grow and produces large-sized flowers.

Delta 8 Pre Roll – Effects & Benefits

This strain is especially great for those who take medicine because it offers some real medical benefits. When smoked, the Delta 8 pre roll will help with nausea and vomiting since both of these side effects are caused by cannabinoids that can be present in marijuana strains.

Delta 8s offer a low amount of THC, so you will feel nothing in the way of mind-altering effects. This makes it great to use if you are trying to get a prescription for marijuana without having to make any major mood changes. For example, it’s used for conditions like insomnia, PTSD, anxiety and nausea. Delta 8 can help with issues such as migraines and pain as well if you are dealing with an ongoing condition or have chronic pain. You can also use this pre roll for those who have asthma or those who find themselves prone to coughing fits.