The Myths & Realities of Psychotherapy & Counseling in Chicago


Since its inception, Psychotherapy has often been a subject of controversy.  The often inaccurate portrait in TV shows, movies, books and magazines definitely contribute to the controversy and misunderstanding related to psychotherapy. However, there are some therapists, so getting good counseling in Chicago is relatively easy.  We really are blessed to have so many gifted therapists to help us through whatever troubled times we may be going through. Still there are myths regarding psychotherapy that should be addressed and dispelled. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Myth: Psychotherapy is meant only for crazy people or mentally demented people.

Reality: In everyday life there are many causes for a person to suffer from depression. In these cases, psychotherapy aims to provide relief for them with regular sessions of treatment. For instance, any top-notch therapist counseling in Chicago would deal with anxiety problems, emotional collapse due to divorce, career imbalance, death in the family, etc. As it is evident, all these conditions are normal to all human beings and they are not reserved for the crazy people.

  1. Myth: Psychotherapy is equivalent to sharing the grievances with friends or family members.

Reality: There is no debate when people say that family members and friends are important to have as support in everyday situations. However, it would not completely eradicate the problem as neither friends, nor family members are trained professionals. And as much as they may want to help, they are not always going to give the best advice or guidance. There is no doubt that a person would benefit much more from a good therapy practice. Chicago has many. And they offer the most educated, trained and experienced therapists available so that the individual opting for treatment is assured to get great results.

  • Myth: A person can get better if there is enough determination and they maintain a positive attitude.

Reality: Generally, this kind of attitude arises when a person thinks they can fix everything themself. However, there are many instances where no matter how determined and positive someone is, it just isn’t enough. In these cases, there is no shame deciding that psychotherapy is a better way to deal with a difficult situation. Undoubtedly, if there is a positive attitude developed by the person, then it becomes easy to have effective counseling in Chicago and a positive attitude and determination definitely help. Which makes a positive outcome much more likely.

Myth: There is nothing special about psychotherapy and one has to pay just for speaking out.

Reality: People who believe this are just not aware of the power of the therapy sessions involved in psychotherapy. Of course, there is much expected from the client, but it is not a one way street. With a primary reason for eliciting conversation is to fully understand what’s going on, to maximize the effectiveness of treatment. Therapy sessions are designed to be more productive than just talking. And the interactive sessions are part of what makes the patient feel better. It doesn’t have to be the best Chicago therapist to get great results, either. There are many great psychotherapists that can help.

  1. Myth: Psychotherapy takes years to get an outcome

Reality: Psychotherapy no doubt takes many sessions for some conditions. But it doesn’t mean any issue can take years to resolve. For instance, the average number of sessions for Interpersonal psychotherapy is 20, which would be completed in exactly 20 weeks (one session per week). Remember that the therapist’s goal is not to prolong the treatment. But to resolve the issue in the most effective and expedient manner possible.

Therefore, psychotherapy is a pure form of emotional healing which doesn’t deserve the criticism it sometimes receives. Moreover, the testimonials given by the patients also prove the fact that it is a trustworthy profession aimed to heal the world from emotional trauma.