Chlamydia Testing: When To Get Tested


Chlamydia testing is important before any treatment option is chosen. A simple chlamydia test will identify how serious the infection is and what type of infection it is. There are various other tests as well, that can be used in the search for a cure. These tests work to see if there is an underlying cause for the infection or if an existing condition is the cause of the infection. The tests work with urine samples to see if the bacteria in the urine is different from the ones in the private areas.

The most accurate type of chlamydia test to use is the one which makes a sample of the urine from the infected area to test for the infection. Other more specific tests look for antibodies against the chlamydia virus. This test needs to be done very carefully though since some people may have a false positive result on the swab. It can be easy to misread the appearance of the smear on the toilet paper or in the sample of the urine. It also requires that the person using the sample has a clear chain between the test site and the urethra so that the results can be compared with the results from another swab.

Chlamydia testing can be done at the health department offices or through the doctor. The swab should be collected and then the sample sent to the lab. There are various techniques for this process. In some cases the sample is sent to the state health department for tests to confirm the presence of chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. However, this may take up to six weeks for the results to be available.

An alternative to this is to have your private medical condition evaluated by a sexually transmitted diseases expert. This is not advised if you are being tested for an STD. Once the diagnosis is confirmed then treatment can commence. It is important to tell your sexual partner as soon as possible that you have been tested for chlamydia testing because untreated can lead to serious health problems.

If you feel that you may have been exposed to this disease without your knowledge, then you can also go to a sexual health clinic like std-test-kit for a simple urine test. Many people opt for this option rather than visiting a doctor for a chlamydia test because it is not always possible to determine if you have been exposed without actually seeing or touching the infected area. For many, this is the most convenient option.

You can also get tested for this STD at a pharmacy. A swab or urine sample is used to get an accurate diagnosis. However, for pregnant women and young children, it may be more convenient to visit your local pharmacy for this STD testing instead of waiting for a swab from a private donor. It is not unknown for the results to take longer than one day in this circumstance and you will need to wait for one week before you know the results are positive.