Why Should You Prefer Invisalign Over Braces? 


Misaligned teeth cause various problems; therefore, some treatment options are available in the medical field. If you want to treat a misaligned tooth, then braces and Invisalign can help you align the teeth. Braces are only comfortable for some people. It is because there is some discomfort with the brackets and wires, and it also causes mouth ulcers. 

Therefore, people are moving to the following options, such as Invisalign. Various benefits of Invisalign help people get rid of misaligned teeth comfortably. So, in this article, we will learn about the benefits of Invisalign and understand why we prefer Invisalign over braces in Leesburg. You can learn more benefits about Invisalign with the help of a dentist in Leesburg, VA, who can provide professional guidance. 

Why Should You Prefer Invisalign Over Braces? 

  • Easier to Clean: When you use braces, cleaning the teeth effectively is complex, and invisalign is suitable for cleaning. While eating, food gets stuck in the teeth, and it becomes hard to remove such stuck particles when there are braces, which can lead to poor dental hygiene. However, in the case of Invisalign, it is easy to remove the aligners while eating; therefore, cleaning is beneficial. You can easily brush and floss your teeth by removing the aligners. 
  • No Food Restrictions: There are no food restrictions when you are on Invisalign. When you use braces, you must avoid crunchy and hard food products that can harm the brackets and wires. On the other hand, you can remove the aligners while eating, so there are no restrictions on food items. 
  • Comfortable: When you use any new appliance on your teeth, it would be uncomfortable for some time, but invisible aligners are relaxed compared to braces. The Invisalign does not come with sharp edges to irritate the cheeks. It has soft edges, which makes it comfortable to wear. Additionally, Invisalign does not come up with tightening features, unlike braces. In Invisalign, you are given multiple sets of transparent aligners, which you must change every two weeks. There will be minor tightness because there will be a little awkwardness when you wear anything new in your teeth. 
  • Virtually Invisible: It is one of the most invisible options available to you and entirely different from traditional. The wired braces could be more attractive, and they make people uncomfortable when interacting in public. However, when you use invisible aligners, there is no such issue, and you can confidently interact in public without hindering your treatment. 

Therefore, it is commonly preferable to braces because these benefits outweigh the minor discomfort.