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Recreational cannabis sales will start in Canada. To date, 32 operating medical marijuana stores have received all necessary permits to start selling to anyone over the age of 21. Stan has not yet started licensing stores that have not previously sold medical marijuana.

What can you buy?

The most popular product is marijuana, which you can smoke because it is known and people know what to do with it. But chocolates with marijuana, cookies or jelly beans, cannabis slices, muscle pain ointments, tinctures and various forms of concentrates will also be available.

Dozens of different products are expected to be available from pharmacies in Canada from recreational pharmacies right from the start of recreational sales. According to estimates, in the first full year of recreational sales, smoking marijuana will account for 55% of sales, food products 22%, and concentrates 20% predicts a Group based in Canada, a research company dealing with the topic of marijuana. Now that you can buy weed online canada the options are open online for you.

Do you need proof or driving license?

Yes. Only people over the age of 21 will be able to buy marijuana. Customers will have to identify themselves before entering the store.

How much can you buy?

The law allows you to have 30 grams or about 1 ounce of marijuana flower, which is roughly the same as an adult can hold in folded hands. Adults can also purchase 5 grams of cannabis vapor concentrate or 500 milligrams of the THC psychoactive ingredient in cannabis products.

Stores will not be allowed to exceed the legal limit in a single transaction.

Most stores expect that cannabis stocks may be lower than expected in the first months of sale. In this case, retailers may limit the amount available for purchase by customers for recreational use, or sell it only to medical patients.

What about non-state people?

Visitors and people with documents from other states can have up to 15 grams of marijuana. It must be stored in airtight containers. Since it is illegal to transport marijuana across the state border, it must be consumed before leaving Canada. Using marijuana in a car or on an airplane is against the law.

How to pay?

Most pharmacies only accept cash. Marijuana is still illegal at federal level, which means that most banks do not cooperate with companies in this industry. The same applies to credit card companies and payment processors.

You won’t see the pot before buying

Canada retailers must keep their products closed before selling. Medical clinics usually show empty product packaging so that consumers can see them and read descriptions. Some have touchscreen screens or tablets where customers can view the product selection menu, learn more about flavors and THC content.