Package Perfect Kids Mattresses Just the Way You Need



A child can fall asleep anywhere, on the sofa, on his table and sometimes even on the floor. This does not mean that the quality of the mattress should be overlooked. Do not play the stingy by recovering the old mattress of the elder or worse your old mattress for the bedding of your child. Do not hesitate to invest in a mattress that will accompany it throughout its growth, until its 15 years.

What size for a child’s mattress?

“Neither too big nor too small”, they say to define the ideal. But when you are faced with a wide choice of mattress dimensions, you are lost. Do you not agree with that? If the length of the mattress does not pose a problem (generally 190 cm for children), so does its width, since you will be in front of a mattress available in 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 cm wide. Your choice will therefore depend on the size of the bed, but also on the surface of your child’s bedroom.

Remember, however, that he can invite one or more friends to a sleepover and that they will want to sleep on the “little bed” or on the floor by chance. Also remember that at around 13 years old, your child will become a teenager who deserves comfort as much as you do during sleep. In terms of comfort, the more space there is in the bed, the less embarrassed the child and it makes sense that their sleep improves. So, to make it easier for you, here is the reasoning. If it is recommended to renew the bedding every 10 years, a child of 6 years can enjoy until his 16 years of an excellent mattress a place of 120 X 190 cm. See far and offer the best for your little angel. In case of kids mattress choice is there.

Which mattress should be preferred for your child?

As an adult, your child needs good support for his spine while sleeping. But when you buy her mattress, you need to consider what is right for her. Your child may be allergic to a certain component, which can be used to make a mattress. If not, also take a look at your budget, as mattress prices differ depending on the design material.


Buy a comfortable children’s mattress for a better night’s sleep. Buy a comfortable kids mattress for a better night’s sleep.

A foam mattress for your child?

More accessible, the foam mattress is not, as many think, a low-end mattress. There are indeed foam mattresses that are too low in density, which offers little comfort in use. Sometimes, they widen and their replacement before term is essential. This is the case with polyether foam mattresses. These are characterized by the existence of closed cells, which provides no comfort in depth. Their density can go up to 28 kg / m3. They are rather recommended for young children (-12 years old).


In order to satisfy demanding consumers, manufacturers have started to exploit other types of foam. This is why we find Polyurethane foam mattresses with open cells. Their high resilience quality provides a density between 30 kg / m3 and 60 kg / m3. The Bultex mattress is the concrete, but improved example available on the market. Its great advantage is to perfectly match each movement of the body thanks to the millions of cells that form the foam. However, as the polyurethane foam is sensitive to humidity, avoid waking up the negative point of it by putting the mattress on the floor.