How to Cultivate A Daily Spiritual Practice


To enjoy a balanced life, spiritual well being is just as important as mental and physical health. There are a few essential tips that are helpful in order to cultivate a daily spiritual practice. If you are feeling tired, stressed out, worried,  angry or depressed because of an outside event, a relationship, or something on your mind, then here are several simple tips on how to overcome these feelings and experience deep healing through a daily spiritual practice.

Connect with Meditation and Prayer

Set aside time each morning and/or evening to connect with your higher source.  Some enjoy calming music in the background, and others need total silence to obtain a meditative state. Relaxation is key. Deep, easy breaths will help slow the heartbeat and facilitate the “drift” required to meditate. You can use a meditation script to help guide you into the practice.

Some say prayer is a petition, others use prayer as a “thank you” to their higher power. Whether the prayer is traditional, a mantra, a praise hymn set to music, or just a conversation with the universe, it’s important to believe that the prayer will be heard through divine connection.

Spend Time In Nature (Wherever You Live)

It’s not necessary to live on a farm or in a remote wooded area to enjoy spending time enjoying nature. Most cities have a park or green-space where people can run, take long walks, or just sit and relax. A porch, terrace, or window garden can provide that much needed connection with life outdoors.

Meaningful Rituals and Ceremonies

Whether it be a long held family tradition or a newly adopted ritual, it’s  important to honor ourselves, those around us, and those who have gone before us with a ceremony, special meal or holiday gathering. The setting can be formal or informal, planned or spontaneous. The only requirement is that it be personally meaningful to self and others (if others are participating).

Journal Your Thoughts and Dreams

Keeping a journal by the bedside or in a carry bag can help with jotting down ideas, feelings and dreams. It can be a fancy bound binder or a notebook from the bargain store. How it’s used is what counts. Some writers personalize their journals with artwork and other decorations.

Give Back to Others

During these challenging times, it’s harder to volunteer in person. It is, however, still possible to pick up the phone,  donate to good causes, leave groceries or meals for a neighbor, or just be there via video chat to help those in need.

Self Care

Self-care is important in order to stay spiritually healthy.  That means listening to your body for signs of stress, keeping properly fed and hydrated, and getting plenty of rest.


Gratitude can take the form of daily reminders, making a gratitude list, or simply taking a moment to appreciate blessings. During uncertain times, keeping an “attitude of gratitude” will enhance a daily spiritual practice.

Get a smile on your face

Although meditation is great for reducing stress and reducing anxiety and depression, it will only help you to experience spiritual awakening if you leave these negative feelings behind. Once you begin to practice meditation and eliminate these negative emotions, you are on your way to a healthy emotional state.

Pay attention to the breath.

Make a conscious effort to feel the different parts of your breath and try to be present in the moment. Meditation is not about doing everything in a perfect way or getting totally absorbed in your breath. Rather, it is about being present in your meditation environment and adjusting your focus and breath.

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