How can I protect my eyes from mobile screen?


Despite going for eye checkups with an optometrist, you may never realize how much damage a mobile screen has done to your eyes until your vision begins to worsen. Due to the multi-purpose nature of mobile phones, most of the population spends more than 8 hours focusing on or staring at mobile phone screens reading, playing games, watching videos, and doing lots of things all day long. If you are fond of glancing at your smartphone screen up to 150 times daily, the screen will undoubtedly take its toll on your vision.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to protect your eyes from the effects of excessive exposure to the mobile screen. With regular visits to your optometrist, following the tips below can help you develop a healthy habit of using your mobile phones without harmful effects on your vision.

1. Reduce Glare

The bane of mobile phones is the glare being emitted by the screen. Although some phone brands come with anti-glare Gorilla Glass, some phones have a matte screen protector film to reduce glare. However, if your smartphone does not have the anti-glare film installed, you should buy an anti-reflective coating and post it on your phone screen. It is affordable and effective.

2. Lower Phone Brightness

Another way to protect your eyes from mobile screen glare is to reduce the brightness of your phone. Both excessive brightness and low brightness will stress your vision. As a result, you should regulate the brightness to keep it at an optimal level. It would help if you always adjusted your screen brightness to suit the ambiance—this will help avoid squinting.

3. Blink Frequently

Many people get carried away when using their phones that they forget to blink for a long time. Blinking lubricates the eyes and protects it against dryness and other discomforts that can damage the eyes. Ensure to blink frequently when using your smartphone – the protective tears protect your sight. Some experts recommended that blinking severally within a minute will protect your eye.

4. Take breaks

Your optometrist must have told you several things to protect your eyes. However, avoid staring at your phone without taking a break. Optometrists suggest the 20-20-20 rule to improve your sight. After spending 20 minutes staring at your phone, take a break for 20 seconds by looking at an object about 20 feet away. This will help relax your eye muscles.


Despite taking the steps above, you must visit your optometrist for an eye examination. Your eye health is essential, and you must act in your best interest to protect your eyes and keep them healthy.