Home remedies for healthy skin


Using home remedies is one of the most affordable ways to get flawless skin. You can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen itself. You can prepare DIY face masks for healthy skin. Read on to know the best home remedies for healthy skin.

  • Apply raw potato

Raw potato is a great skin brightener. Fine mash the potato. Apply this face pack. Rinse with lukewarm water after a few minutes. Potato is excellent to treat under-eye dark circles too. Cut thin slices of potato. Keep these on your eyes for a few minutes. Use regularly to get glowing skin.

  • Combine honey and cinnamon

Do you suffer from acne? You should use a homemade mask made with honey and cinnamon. This mask helps in reducing active acne. Apply fresh aloe vera pulp. For acne-prone dry skin, it is a great moisturizer.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric contains natural antioxidant, antiseptic and skin brightening properties. Apply the paste of turmeric to help remove tan and treat blemishes. Lemon is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. This makes it another excellent skin brightener. A paste made with curd as a base and mixed with turmeric and lemon is excellent to remove tanning.

  • Tomato juice

Tomatoes help to shrink pores. To a few drops of lemon, add and mix tomato juice. Apply on your face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use regularly for the best results. Tomatoes help to reduce blackheads. Massage your blackhead-prone area with tomato slices.

  • Milk plus honey

Honey and milk can bring out a flawless glow that everyone craves for. Milk helps to prevent acne and moisturizes the skin well. If you have sensitive skin then you can use face washes that comprise no chemicals.

  • Moisturize skin with tea tree oil

The application of a moisturizer is another important step in the skincare routine. You should rather use essential oils like tea tree and jojoba oil. This aids to mask imperfections and improve the skin texture.

Tip: Essential oils should never be applied directly on the face and should be used with a carrier oil.

  • Rosewater

Rose essential oil or rosewater is one of the best toners out there. It is appropriate for all skin types. Store it in a spray bottle. Use it twice a day. It helps to soothe the skin, balance pH levels and repair the skin’s elasticity.

Homeopathy for skin problems

Any skin problem is the outer expression of internal turmoil. Therefore, the homeopathicapproach for skin problems is based on in-depth analysis and evaluation of the case. Thus, proper homeopathic medicine is selected.

Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole. Homeopathic medicine works at the physical, emotional and psychological level. Homeopathy provides customized skin treatment for each individual. Furthermore, homeopathic skin treatment gives long-term relief and has zero side-effects.

Self-care tips:

  • Limit bath time and instead of hot water, use lukewarm water.
  • After bathing, gently pat the skin dry with a towel to retain the skin moisture.
  • Moisturize the skin.
  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • Use sunscreen with at least a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15.