What are the different types of cancer specialists? 


We all know that cancer is a risky disease and there are several cancer specialists for different types of diseases. The treatment also involves the care of several cancer specialists. When it comes to fighting cancer the most important thing is to select the right oncologist and hospital for treatment. If you decide to take a look at some of the best cancer hospital in India on ClinicSpots, there you will find an extensive list of cancer hospitals, oncologists and all related information of cancer treatment.

Types of Cancer Specialist 

There are several ways to treat cancer with medicine and each treatment shall be handled differently by a specialist. It depends on the cancer and stage of cancer that a specialist might treat. The different types of cancer specialists are – 

  • Medical Oncologist – Your oncologist will see general care and treatments. They will be in charge of chemotherapy and hormone therapy. 
  • Radiation Oncologist – The cancer specialist will treat cancer with radiation therapy.
  • Surgical Oncologist – They have special training in treating the cancer and they are called to diagnose cancer with a biopsy. 

Depending on your cancer, you will need to visit other doctors for special care. This will help you to cope with your cancer easily. 

What are the qualities of a Cancer Specialist? 

There are several qualities of a cancer specialist, such as – 

  • Great Experience – A cancer specialist must have good experience in treating cancer. You can always ask your doctor how many cases has he treated over the past year. You must be assured that your doctor is treating people on a regular basis.
  • Good Training – The framed degrees on a cancer specialists wall are not for decoration. They represent a degree and a proof of where your doctor took training from and completed their studies. 
  • Proper Certification – The doctors are trained in an area of medicine and they must pass an exam to test their knowledge and skills. Hence, if your doctor is certified in oncology, he/she is qualified. 
  • Openness – It is very important that your doctor is open and listens to you and answer all queries. He/she should be available even if you need him later on.

How to find a good cancer specialist? 

Usually, your primary doctor will refer you to the best oncologist in Delhi, but you can refer your friends and family. As per Dr. Vikas Goswami reviews, he is very helpful and quite good.

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