The Rowing Machine: My New Favorite Workout Machine


It surprises me that the rowing machine hasn’t become a workout-room fixture before now, but it hasn’t. The treadmill, home gyms, indoor bikes – these machines come to mind first when you think of building the ultimate at-home gym, but the rowing machine is nowhere to be seen.

So, what does the rowing machine have to offer?

The Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a great way to give yourself a full body workout in a short amount of time.

The rowing machine impacts your lower body, upper body, your abdomen, and every part in between. It is the full-body workout you’ve been looking for in a fun, enjoyable machine. It can even help you keep your joints limber and improve your flexibility. The possibilities are truly endless when you throw the rowing machine into your regular workout routine.

For many, the rowing machine is the only piece of the equipment they need in order to have an effective workout everyday.

Where Do You Start?

So you’re new to the rowing machine and you want to make sure you do everything correctly, right? Well, don’t worry! The rowing machine is a user-friendly machine that doesn’t take too long to figure out how it works.

My only caution would be for new users of the rowing machine to not go too intense in the beginning. Because it provides such an extensive full-body workout, you will probably feel sore after your first workouts and, if you’re not careful, you can easily go too hard or long to start.

So start on a low level to begin with and don’t spend too long on the machine. Start with shorter stints on the machine and build yourself up so you can eventually jump on for a long, intense workout.

Are Rowing Machines Expensive?

Surprisingly, rowing machines are not that expensive anymore. There are so many new companies making them that the prices are reasonable and affordable.

You can purchase a rowing machine for your home and have it delivered right to your door so you can enjoy it whenever you want. Search Amazon, your favorite online shopping platform – or visit your nearest fitness store to take a look at the selection.

Find a rowing machine that fits your budget and the space that’s available to you at home. You can even find rowing machines that can fold away and be stored in a closet or a corner in your home.

Anything Else I Should Know About Rowing Machines?

Nope. You’re now ready to find a rowing machine and start creating your better self by using it when you want.

The rowing machine is my favorite machine of 2020 and I can’t get enough of what it has to offer. I love the workout it gives me and I see the difference it is making in my body all the time. If you purchase a rowing machine, you’ll start to notice the changes very soon.

What makes the rowing machine even better is the fact that you’ll be ready to hit the lake in a row boat when the weather allows!